AVATAR Partners Debuts Avatar CONNECT AR Solution for Advanced, Easy-to-Use, Real-Time Virtual Workforce Collaboration

Avatar Connect

AVATAR Partners has introduced its new Avatar CONNECT solution. Avatar CONNECT is designed to deliver a highly user-friendly, robust and low-cost way to connect remote team members via real-time collaboration anywhere in the world and on any AR-enabled device.

Avatar CONNECT is a powerful AR-enabled remote workforce solution that dramatically improves design, field coordination, installation, project management, quality control and assurance, productivity, safety training, and maintenance for a wide range of applications across multiple markets.

“We are very excited about the opportunity that Avatar CONNECT can provide, especially in a time when working remotely is on the increase and effective support is a must for those frontline workers,” said AVATAR Partners CEO and Founder Marlo Brooke. “Our goal was to create a high-capability solution with the latest AR technology, in a form that takes minutes to set up and implement.”

Using mobile devices, on-premise team members can share real-time views of equipment and environments with up to 15 remote concurrent users in multiple locations. A unique 3D annotation feature enables teams and senior experts to virtually view and draw on objects in three dimensions using a tablet or remote PC to provide guidance for accomplishing a job right the first time.

Other features of Avatar CONNECT include:

  • Ready to use in minutes with no development or training required
  • AR combined with visual, audio and 3D annotation
  • Enterprise-ready, high-quality resolution
  • Support for unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Built-in privacy with sessions not recorded on any server anywhere
  • 3D spatial recognition to lock annotations on a target object while the user moves around a room or object
  • Resizable and rotatable arrows, indicators and drawing tools
  • User-controlled text entry anywhere on the screen for detailed information
  • User-controlled color variants
  • Photo capture to record relevant data for record-keeping and reuse with other users
  • Platform agnostic to run on iOS/OS, Android and Windows 10
  • Made and supported in the U.S.A.

Avatar CONNECT offers other noteworthy benefits including a multi-faceted “show me, tell me, guide me” approach to real-time AR that improves team performance while reducing delays and errors. In addition, with the increasing trend toward remote work, it can help eliminate travel costs and downtime.

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