Tompkins International Launches New Mobile App to Help Businesses Ensure Facility Safety & Compliance During COVID-19


COVID-19 has sent distribution and fulfillment operations into overdrive, as businesses strive to deliver on customer needs during the pandemic. With warehouses operating around the clock to meet growing demands, businesses need validation that all processes and procedures are being followed to ensure the health and safety of their employees and customers.

To help businesses operate safely and effectively throughout COVID-19 and beyond, Tompkins International has launched SentryCheck. The easily configurable mobile application utilizes automated tools to ensure all facilities comply with their company’s COVID-19 procedures and can prompt users to perform time-sensitive tasks, record critical inputs, automatically send corrective action alerts and more. SentryCheck also offers complete data transparency with cloud reporting and dashboards, allowing compliance teams to monitor all facilities from a single view. Other features include:

  • Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly required tasks accessible from any iOS or Android device
  • Customizable task management checklists for any operational needs
  • Secure cloud-based storage of all task observations, activities and audit commentary
  • Corrective action alerts sent immediately via text or email
  • Photo, video and audio capture with notes for accurate recordkeeping

In addition to the new mobile app, Tompkins International also offers free digital resources to help businesses overcome operational challenges and deliver on customer demands during COVID-19. The company’s COVID-19 Resources hub includes educational and thought leadership content that focuses on the impacts of COVID-19, successful supply chain reinvention strategies and other related topics to help businesses flourish in these uncertain times.

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