DailyPay Celebrates Payroll Heroes During National Payroll Week

Each year, the American Payroll Association (APA) celebrates National Payroll Week (NPW) – a week dedicated to honoring American employees and the everyday Payroll heroes who ensure they are paid every payday. NPW is held annually during the week of Labor Day, so this year, the APA recognized Payroll professionals during the week of September 7-11.

Once again, DailyPay participated as a proud Platinum Sponsor of NPW to recognize, celebrate and congratulate all of the dedicated payroll professionals for all they do, each and every day, to ensure the best payroll experience for their employees.

During NPW last year, DailyPay launched our very first quest to identify true Payroll Trailblazers and to recognize them with our highly coveted Payroll Trailblazer Award. We believe that Payroll professionals never truly get the credit they deserve for the vital role they play in every organization. DailyPay decided to make this an annual event to pay homage to these unsung heroes with the opportunity to be considered for the Payroll Trailblazer Award.

What is a Payroll Trailblazer you ask?

Payroll Trailblazer (n.)
pay·roll trail·blaz·er | definition

An individual in the payroll industry who demonstrates leadership qualities by constantly innovating and implementing new systems, coaching others, recognizing diversity and driving business value from the payroll department.

We accepted nominations for this award through September 18th and the recipients of the Payroll Trailblazer Award will be announced and recognized during the American Payroll Association’s Payroll Benchmarking Trends: An Online Forum on September 30th, a virtual event that is open for all to attend.

Winners will also be featured in an upcoming DailyPay publicity campaign, and they will receive a DailyPay Limited Edition Award and a special badge to include on their LinkedIn profiles. Finalists also will receive special recognition from DailyPay.

As you can see, we spend a lot of time with payroll people and, because we appreciate all their efforts on a daily basis, we listen to their challenges and feedback and try to help to address them. That’s why DailyPay launched a new product, CYCLE, this year as part of our pay experience platform, PayExTM. CYCLE is designed to reduce the amount of time and money that Payroll professionals spend on processing off-cycle payments to employees. It takes the hassle out of making off-cycle payments by allowing Payroll professionals to disburse payments, instantly and digitally when they need to, to any account or pay card, saving them time and the cost of paper checks and shipping fees.

DailyPay is proud to celebrate our unsung Payroll heroes during National Payroll Week each year and to continue to offer products that make their lives easier.

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