INK Games is Shifting the Gaming Industry

INK Games is shifting the $150B+ gaming industry, forever, by challenging the structure of the current model of the economy. We are rewarding players for their social connections and viral influence by allowing them to participate in the revenues of the game (i.e., in-game upgrades, subscription fees, micro-transactions, battle passes, etc.). Most recently, we have built a functional prototype for a groundbreaking new kind of mobile game. Though still in development, we are exploring exciting new possibilities with a core concept that’s unprecedented in gaming and will be adopted across countless game titles.

Our goal is to permanently shift the $150B+ space by cutting the player in on the revenue. As our team and company grow, we are bringing on industry pros with crucial skills and insights. We are very excited to scale up the size of our project and match the momentum we’ve gained. Our team is uniquely equipped to address the demands of consumers, developers and streamers. Even though we are still in pre-alpha, our players have already been paid out over $300k in total. This is only the first step in our vision, but it is important to us at INK Games to stay true to our core vision early; paying players for their viral presence, and letting them participate in the platform’s revenue.

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