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Relationship Design is a creative practice anyone can use to drive business and social value by building strong relationships with customers and community. We believe that there are four mindsets that help us build strong, valued relationships in our work and in our lives: courage, intention, reciprocity, and compassion.

Salesforce’s design teams have done a deep dive into the mindset of courage. Courage pushes us in ways that makes us feel vulnerable but aligns to our values. In practice, this can look like challenging the status quo in service of creating impact, living our values even when it is at odds with desired business outcomes, and being open and vulnerable even when we want to be safe.

Hear our speakers tell their stories about when they had to speak up and live their values at work, even at risk of the potential consequences. Their short vignettes walk us through their situation, their decision, and the outcomes that followed.

Watch the vignettes here.

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