TV Liquidator is a Trusted LED Sign Supplier to the Military

TV Liquidator is a Trusted LED Sign Supplier to the Military - IMA

Behind every successful business is a vendor base that they can depend on to keep everything working smoothly. With that said, accepting products and materials from an outside entity requires a lot of vetting to ensure that the process of obtaining and utilizing the goods remains seamless. This is all done while trying to find that unique balance where you have something that is high quality, comes from a reliable source, and will be offered at a competitive rate. All companies have their obstacles in doing so, but this proves to be even more daunting for government entities and military branches. They are often bogged down with a wider array of product requirements and restrictions that leaves them with very few options to work with. This is why TV Liquidator has been a go-to supplier of LED signage amongst countless government agencies and military branches for many years.

Each TV Liquidator sign is designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. Their signs have been utilized in every military branch for a wide scope of applications across their bases, loading docks, and affiliate locations. Each sign meets or exceeds UL, Metlab, CSA, and FCC requirements, which allow them to be placed virtually anywhere. TV Liquidator presents an extremely flexible product line that offers secure communication methods via network, USB, cloud, and more. This pairs nicely with the hearty build of their products that can be placed in any climate while still maintaining peak performance.

Communication is extremely important regardless if you are in the Army, Navy, Marines, or the Coast Guard. TV Liquidator helps to ensure that you are well versed in operating and troubleshooting things efficiently with their world class customer and technical support.