Introducing The New Priority Center Corporate Task Force: Building Visibility in Orange County

Introducing The New Priority Center Corporate Task Force: Building Visibility in Orange County - IMA

As the great Scott Bedbury once said, “branding is everything.” After 37 years as the Child Abuse Prevention Center, the organization rebranded late last year and changed their name to The Priority Center. The former name no longer encompassed what they do. In addition to child abuse prevention and intervention services, The Priority Center provides parental education, basic needs, mental health services, and community outreach and engagement with people of all ages.”

The new name is more fitting and highlights their top “priority,” which is to break the generational cycle of trauma by helping both children and adults.

Rebranding has been a huge undertaking, but it is just the beginning. The Priority Center is now setting its sights to ensure that the new name is known in the community and continues to be beloved as it was with the former name.

With that in mind, The Priority Center formed a new Corporate Taskforce last June made up of local corporate executives representing industries such as law, technology, finance, to name a few. The objective of the Task Force is to support The Priority Center in expanding their reach and elevating their visibility within the corporate community. The esteemed group of executives meet virtually every month and advises the organization’s leadership on the best way to communicate with corporations and develop the most effective corporate giving program, and facilitates introductions to other socially-minded corporate professionals.

Michael Litter, the manager of corporate relations at The Priority Center says, “We have executives who join our group because they want to make a meaningful impact on the world. The members of the Task Force help us with marketing and visibility and we help them by giving them an opportunity to make a difference in our community.” The Task Force members do more than attend meetings. They also have the opportunity to attend virtual and safe in-person events and volunteer for school supply or holiday gift drives. Michael aptly says, “It’s a win-win.”

Interested in lending your industry expertise for a good cause while building your own brand as a socially-responsible corporation? Email Michael Littler, Manager of Corporate Relations at