Operation Santa 2020 By The Literacy Project

Operation Santa 2020 By The Literacy Project - IMA

The Literacy Project has assembled a priceless collection of items from devout supporters. They ask that you contribute and bid on an item that is of interest to you.

Get the gift that you can’t get anyone! They spent a lot of time thinking of the ultimate items.

Help the Literacy Project to get to their goal of hitting $100,000 – they ask that you help them, win an epic item while helping cure Literacy deficiencies happening within our next generation. This year has hit our schools so hard. The faculty, administration and most important the students.

100% of your donation will go to helping these individuals.

It is very important for us and our Board of Directors that you click the link below, and that you provide a bid on one of the items.

The Literacy Project appreciates your assistance with this fundraiser. Your name will be on their website for 12 months crediting you as one of our generous supporters. Visit: https://operationsanta2020.com to donate and for more information.

Thank you, happy holidays and have some fun.

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