Bell Fitness: 3 Key Benefits of Wellness Programs

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By Giovanna Mullen

If you lead a team or a company and are not providing access to virtual wellness you are missing out. Given our new reality of work, many employees are still in dire need of access to a company sponsored wellness program. Consider these 3 key benefits to adding this program:

1- Fitness access reduces stress in your workers and increases productivity by an average of 35% . That’s right! A recent study shows that the average workday has increased from 8 hours to 10 as there sometime seems to be no defined start or end. This causes people to have higher levels of stress and sometimes “Shut down” from a productivity standpoint. Adding a wellness program allows for a direct space for employees to go and reduce their stress while gaining back that focus.

2- As 2021 begins over 72% of employers have no plan on returning to the office this year. While over 32% stated their company has planned on never returning to the office. While this leads to an increase in some things; it leads to a significant decrease in company engagement. Employees are less likely to interact which causes decreased productivity and collaboration as a result. Having a wellness program allows a virtual interaction between employees. As well as a company wide virtual bonding experience.

3- 33% of people under 30 see a remote job with flexible hours as a stepping stone to a future career. This leads to unreliable workers and higher employee turnover. The reason for this is because they find it hard to connect with their environment and fellow teammates. For an employee to stay they need to see a holistic growth in the company from their pay, connections, and work-life balance. 

Including a virtual wellness program not only allows for safety within the company but also higher productivity, lower employee turnover, increased employee relationships, and much more! 

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