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Behind the Review - IMA

By Emily Washcovcik

It’s no secret that customers want to have a positive experience and business owners want to receive positive reviews. With that in mind, Yelp’s new podcast—in partnership with Entrepreneur, a leading publication for entrepreneurs and small business owners—aims to dig a little deeper on both accounts. Behind the Review is hosted by Yelp’s Small Business Expert, Emily Washcovick, and features conversations with business owners and reviewers about their experiences—whether positive or negative —giving listeners behind-the-scenes insights and real-life learnings. 

Each week, you’ll hear from plumbers, florists, salon owners, restaurateurs, fitness entrepreneurs, and more about how they create unique customer experiences, providing takeaways that business owners in any industry can apply to their own operations. 

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the first eight episodes of Behind the Review.

In episode two, we speak with Chris Goode, owner and founder of Ruby Jean’s Kitchen & Juicery, about why it’s critical to stay focused on the purpose behind your business. He also covers why it’s important to learn how to take feedback—it can actually make your business more successful.

Finance professional turned florist Nic Faitos talks about why the details matter so much and how spending a little more upfront can result in a bigger return in the long run.

Alex Bradberry, founder of The Sparkle Bar, shares the importance of celebrating diversity and uniqueness—which may seem like a given but can often be overlooked. Additionally, when your business is a service, rather than a product, focus on the way you make people feel.

Home service professional Scott Tyree shares the journey to his first review and how a true “word-of-mouth” marketing strategy can lead to real success. That type of organic marketing only happens when you have a stellar business model, and Scott’s approach has proven very fruitful: “You just have to communicate.” 

In episode five, we dive into why making an experience memorable is worth it but can be tough to execute. Owners of The Candle Pour, a candle-making shop, walk us through their journey creating a unique experience— especially when it comes to hiring the right people. 

Digital marketing and relentless hospitality are the two core business tactics that Cali Comfort BBQ has prioritized over the past year. In episode six, learn from the owner and digital hospitality expert on how they pivoted and doubled down on their digital presence to engage customers and find success. 

The owner of a mid-century modern antique shop, Peg Leg Vintage, talks about how critical it is to seek out high-quality inventory and the importance of not pressuring your potential customers. It’s about building trust—the sales will come naturally.

Josh Campbell, owner of Rescue Air Heating and Cooling, divulges his key to success: strong leadership. Josh emphasizes the importance of true top-down leadership and creates an environment where his employees can learn from him and each other—all with the end goal of helping the customer.

In addition to key takeaways from the business owners themselves, the reviewers provide valuable insights —what motivates them to review, the impact employees and staff have on their experience, and more. 

On the surface, many of these learnings may seem obvious, but they can be incredibly hard to execute well. In Behind the Review, you’ll not only learn how to bring these concepts to life but how they are viewed through the eyes of the consumer. 

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