March 20, 2021 – The day you lose 59% of your employees!

IMA - 20 March

By Giovanna Mullen

With COVID-19 lockdowns reaching their one year mark spring 2021 can’t come soon enough! For those that have been locked inside this cold and brutal winter this is their opportunity to get outside again. The average work day since lockdowns have begun is 10 hours, which is a 2 hour increase. With employees stuck inside, the work day doesn’t have definitive ‘end’ anymore and work from home is the new reality. 

March 20th marks the first day of spring and the start of a downward trend in employee engagement. 59% of employees take more than 11 vacation days between March 20th and Labor Day Weekend. While an expected 27% are expected to be distracted during this same time period. A remote work environment plus outdoor activities breeds an environment for un-engaged employees that lack connection with their team. Having an employee wellness program could change all of this! 

An enjoyable work place leads to employees being 12% more productive during the workday and 65% more likely to collaborate with coworkers on future projects. Having an employee wellness program also encourages them to show up that day, week, or month. This spring don’t let your work environment became another statistic and get an employee wellness program. 

These programs are customized to each company to cater to their specific culture. Recent companies with success stories are ButtonFly, Dailypay, and Az-is-Media. Ranging anywhere from group classes, fundraising events, challenge groups, etc. there is a place for an employee wellness program at any workplace. 

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