New world, new records to inspire your 2021 campaigns


Who would have imagined that in 2021 we’d be living in a world where working remotely is the norm, video conferences replace in-person meetings, and family and friends stay in in touch via virtual chats and hangouts?

While the circumstances that led us to this point were unpredictable and challenging, it was inspiring to see how individuals, brands, and businesses pivoted to new ways of living, working, and communicating with one another.

Guinness World Records (GWR) is no stranger to the “pivot,” having had to shift focus and adapt to this new technology driven world.

For years, the power of record-breaking has been used to initiate global movements, promote positive change, spark conversations on relevant topics, and in certain cases just bring some light-hearted fun into the lives of those who participate.

During a time when bringing people together and keeping spirits high is more essential than ever before, it was GWR’s priority to ensure that the power of record-breaking could continue to be used in this way – but safely.

In 2020, GWR developed an array of new online record categories ranging from those that are social media channel specific to others that take place on platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

As you plan for your next 2021 campaign, get inspired by these organizations that made history in 2020 with online record-breaking:

Hormel Foods – Most users in a pizza party video hangout

As part of Hormel Foods’ Spirit Week (a celebration of the company’s team members who have worked to ensure a consistent food supply during the pandemic) the brand hosted the ultimate virtual pizza party with a record attempt for the most users in a pizza party video hangout.

Over 3,000 people joined the Zoom-hosted event, which featured numerous prizes and special guests.

Once the final record was confirmed as 907 photos, Hormel Foods donated $10,000 to Pizza vs. Pandemic, a joint program from Slice Out Hunger and Slice, to support frontline healthcare workers.

Internet Marketing Association – Largest attendance for a virtual marketing conference in one week

Each year, the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) hosts a conference to bring together leaders in the digital marketing space to discuss the latest industry trends and updates.

For its 2020 conference, IMA took its event online and hosted a week-long attempt for the largest attendance for a virtual marketing conference in one week to excite and engage attendees, ultimately achieving the record with 11,151 people.

Netflix LatAm – Most videos of people lip syncing the same song uploaded to TikTok in one hour

To celebrate the launch of Selena: The Series, Netflix LatAm organized an official attempt for the most videos of people lip syncing the same song uploaded to TikTok in one hour.

The attempt took place on 3 December, shortly before the show’s premiere where 250 excited Selena fans successfully achieved the record by uploading videos to TikTok lip syncing the song “Como La Flor” using the hashtag #TodosComoLaFlor.

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