Tik-Tok Ecommerce. Are your clients ready?

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2020 was a banner year for Tik-Tok. With over 85% growth in the US and over 100 million engaged users in the US alone – the social media giant is making a major play in ecommerce, creating a huge opportunity for savvy brands. 

TikTok’s recent partnership with Shopify is just the beginning of a commerce-focused ecosystem, with native checkout features and new ad formats on the way. 

The challenge for brands is how to add in content for yet another platform – with it’s own unique aesthetic – to their already busy workload. How do brands appeal to the younger audience, keep an authentic voice and not drive their content teams crazy in the process? And how do they plan for it?

Our favorite part about the platform is that unlike Instagram,  Tik Tok’s  algorithm is content based – not follower based. This means even new brands with a small following have the opportunity to go viral. It’s a meritocracy that rewards creativity and engagement that can have huge ROI and a lasting impact. 

Here’s three examples of brands who have used TikTok with great success: 

Still not sure where to start? Here’s our Tik Tok Tips to get you started. 

Tempo – keep it exciting and fun.

Tik Tok is all about fun and entertainment. Keep your content fun – and keep it beautiful to stand out. 

Target – know your audience.

With 62% of US users under 29 years old, and 58% female, craft your content accordingly. And remember it has to look like organic Tik-Tok content.   

Test – try things out and see what works

You’ll make some mistakes. That’s part of the fun. Run regular experiments and see what provides lift. Adjust, rinse and repeat. 

Together – plan it with your content team, in advance. 

We suggest adding Tik Tok specific creative to your existing content roadmap. This advance planning will keep your message on-brand, save on production costs, and ensure greater ROI. But plan ahead here, and give your production crews time – and budget – to be creative and have fun with it. After all, that’s what Tik Tok is all about. 

We believe TikTok is a fantastic opportunity for consumer brands to reach a massive audience of young customers who crave authenticity, brand purpose and self expression. Your content must Tik all those same boxes. (pun intended). Brands and agencies should be developing content roadmaps and budgets to empower the creation of new content on a regular basis for this exciting platform.

CONVYR is a Los Angeles based agency specializing in premium ecommerce content for apparel, accessory, luxury and beauty brands. Their Content Success Roadmap integrates TikTok content creation alongside traditional still and moving content to deliver the best ecommerce product experience. Reach out to hello@convyr.com to map your TikTok ecommerce success. (Hint – you can also follow us on TikTok – @convyr)