Pedego Electric Bikes Launches Hello Fun Tour To Celebrate Community 

Pedego Electric Bikes - IMA

Pedego Electric Bikes, a leading electric bike brand, recently launched the 2021 “Hello Fun Tour”. It kicked off on February 27th in Grayton Beach, Florida and will feature multiple stops across the United States and Canada, ranging anywhere from community-wide customer appreciation events to ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremonies. 

With stops in nearly 80 communities, The Hello Fun Tour will highlight more than 40 brand-new store openings, expanding the brand’s footprint to over 140 locations and growing. At each of the stops on this tour, The Hello Fun Mobile, a 40-foot custom-wrapped tour bus, will be in attendance to draw attention and help gain excitement for each community event. The Hello Fun Tour events will vary from city to city, as they are planned by a local Pedego store owner and will be unique to its location. 

“The Hello Fun Tour is the highlight of our year at Pedego,” said Pedego Electric Bikes CEO, Don DiCostanzo. “We love the opportunity to celebrate our communities and the Pedego Owners who make them up. This tour is a unique way for us to show our appreciation and to surprise and delight our store owners and customers. Pedego is all about community, connecting with others, and having fun– the Palooza events embody just that.” 

Founded in 2008, Pedego was created to be the best brand of electric bikes, not necessarily the biggest. Don DiCostanzo founded Pedego Electric Bikes out of a desire to combine quality and style in the e-bike category. Thus, Pedego’s premium, quality bikes were born. 

For more information on the Hello Fun Tour, a list of stops, and to find a store or try a Pedego, please visit To follow the travels along the Hello Fun Tour search #pedegopalooza on social media. 

About Pedego® Electric Bikes 

Founded in 2008, Pedego Electric Bikes offers a line of 20 premium quality electric bikes of different styles and colors, suited for the needs of every Pedego customer. Electric bikes are designed to make outdoor exercise easy and convenient for people of all athletic abilities. Created with a vision to be the best brand of electric bikes, the brand has expanded its footprint to more than 140 locally-owned stores nationwide. Visit to find a store or try a Pedego.