Delano Roosevelt Meets With President of South Korea Moon Jae-in

"Delano Roosevelt Meets With President of South Korea Moon Jae-in - IMA "

A recap from office of President of the Republic of Korea

“I visited the FDR Memorial.”

President Moon Jae-in paid a visit to the Memorial of President Franklin D. Roosevelt who implemented the New Deal and overcame the Great Depression. President Moon’s visit to the Memorial highlighted his commitment to fighting against the Covid-19 crisis and successfully carrying out his “Korean New Deal,” announced last year.

Mr. Hall Delano Roosevelt, FDR’s grandson and President of the U.S.-Saudi Business Council, joined President Moon’s tour in the Memorial.

In front of the statue of President Roosevelt, President Moon said, “President Roosevelt overcame the most difficult period of the Great Depression and revived the economy,” and added, “In the midst of the coronavirus-driven crisis, paralleled with the Great Depression, we are rolling out the Korean version of the New Deal.”

President Moon also said, “President Roosevelt was a president who achieved social unity in a situation where the national crisis, caused by the Great Depression, could easily have led to division” and added, “During my presidential election, I put forward President Roosevelt as a role model.”

In response, Mr. Del Roosevelt said, “I am well aware of President Moon’s efforts to promote human rights as a human rights lawyer, and I am honored to join his visit to the Memorial,” and delivered a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by UNGA in 1948 as a gift. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR’s wife, played a major role in the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

President Moon’s visit demonstrated his respect for FDR who successfully led the domestic economic recovery with leadership of unity, and introduced welfare systems and standards for the first time in the US history while overcoming the Great Depression.

President Biden also considers FDR as his role model, and the US administration is currently pushing for massive investments in the American middle class and public sector.