Are You Prepared For The Hiring Surge?

How to Maximize Your Current Warehouse Space

As over 60% of Americans are now vaccinated the country is on track to becoming fully open by July 4th. Leading to businesses re-opening and companies going back to offices. Employers are looking to hire new workers for their growing team as early as this past month. But this year those employers are met with some big challenges. One of them being the shortage of applicants in the work force. It is predicted that the 8 millions jobs abruptly lost last March would not be regained until the end of 2023. 

With companies hiring all over the globe this gives workers a choice they previously did not get. Workers can now look at what is important to them beyond just a paycheck and the old hiring process just isn’t going to cut it! Things such as benefits, work/life balance, remote work options to name a few. Employers must recognize that employee benefits can be life-changing for their workforce, especially those centered around care, flexibility, and mental health if they are going to keep up. Gone are the days where workers do not have a say in what goes on in their work place environment. So what can you do? If you are an employer think about what benefits you currently offer your employees. Are the benefits that you would accept if YOU were looking for a new job? If you are an employee think about what benefits you would love to see in your work place and suggest them. 

One benefit that has become extremely popular is a health and wellness program. This is not only beneficial to employees mental health but also their physical health. With companies such as Dailypay, Buttonfly, Google, and even Facebook adding these health and wellness programs it is obvious the increased productivity it creates. BellFitness offers corporate health and wellness programs for your workplace – email to get a free week for your team and see the difference yourself!

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