Xnergy Financial LLC Announces Jane Wachiradejkul Has Joined the Firm as VP of Global Business Development & Investments US-APAC

Xnergy Financial Announces Jane - IMA

Global market leader Jane Wachiradejkul has joined Xnergy Financial LLC, member FINRA / SIPC (“Xnergy”) as the VP of Global Business Development & Investments US-APAC, announced by CEO Nia Stefani. Wachiradejkul joins the growing investment banking firm to create a global investment ecosystem with unique opportunities, which will drive business opportunities for global investors’ portfolios. Based in San Francisco, she will partner with the firm’s top-notch investment banking teams locally and nationally, principally focused on commercial real estate assets, and tech-focused companies for growth capital, and business exit strategies for the U.S. and Asia Pacific. She serves as a member of the firm’s Finance Committee.

Wachiradejkul brings 25 years of invaluable experience across real estate investment sales, global business development, internationalization strategies advisory, with additional expertise in innovative marketing and investor relations to Xnergy. She has been involved in distinguished branded development assets. These include one of the world’s most sought-after Four Seasons Private Residences, Wachiradejkul set a record bringing the first Four Seasons Waterfront Residences in Asia to the US market—a project valued at $1B. 

Additionally, Wachiradejkul’s entrepreneurial expertise within the field of real estate have led her to be appointed on elite international panels and advisory committees, cementing her position as an influential, global leader. Wachiradejkul has focused her efforts on the core trade and investments markets of San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Asia Pacific by leveraging her cultural and economic ties within these regions. Utilizing these well-sourced partnerships with top-notch local and international investors to develop and curate lasting relationships will be Wachiradejkul’s primary focus in her new role.

 “We are delighted that Jane has joined our team at Xnergy and is applying her global market knowledge and uncompromising integrity to help clients at Xnergy expand their global portfolio,” said Nia Stefani, Xnergy CEO and Founder. “Jane takes a unique approach, acting as a bridge between San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Asia Pacific. Her cross-cultural focus in the emerging market economies, combined with Xnergy’s dynamic banker team, creates an unparalleled advantage that will enhance our clients’ investment goals.

“Vision comes from within. Vision inspires passion, motivation and commitment to deliver results that exceed my clients’ expectations, to think distinctively, and to execute strategically. I’m excited to bring my visionary and entrepreneurial capabilities to Xnergy,” said Jane Wachiradekul, Xnergy VP of Global Business Development & Investments US-APAC.

 “Jane is passionate about creating a culture of excellence and sees the need for a truly globalized approach for global investors. Jane leverages her cultural and economic ties between the US and Asia Pacific,” said Johnney Zhang, Xnergy Chairman.

Xnergy Financial provides capital funding, access to capital and financial sources and strategic partners, public and private offerings, and merger and acquisition services to emerging growth and middle market companies. The firm has expertise in a wide range of market segments encompassing technology, energy, aerospace, healthcare, financial services, food and beverage, entertainment, real estate, retail, manufacturing and transportation.

For complete information on Xnergy and its capabilities, visit http://www.xnergy.com.




About Xnergy 

Xnergy Financial LLC is a national investment banking firm providing financing and merger and acquisition services to emerging growth and middle market companies. Xnergy Financial LLC, a FINRA registered broker dealer firm, services both public and private companies seeking both debt and equity capital to fund growth initiatives, acquisitions, buyouts, and shareholder liquidity. Company services include public and private offerings, corporate finance, valuations, and mergers and acquisition services. Log on to http://www.xnergy.com to learn more.

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