Electrify Expo Announces its First Tour Stop at the Orange County Great Park in Southern California

Electrify Expo Brings E-Mobility To The Masses in Southern California - IMA

Electrify Expo, North America’s largest e-mobility event, will begin its Nationwide tour in Southern California at the Orange County Great Park on September 18-19, 2021. Electrify Expo is North America’s largest e-mobility festival that gathers the world’s top electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, all in one place.

Electric Vehicle and E-mobility brands, including Hyundai, Kia, Jeep, Polestar, Volvo, Volkswagen, MINI USA, SUPER73, and Rad Power Bikes will be joined by dozens of other exhibitors on display. Brands will show off their latest products and technology with interactive displays as well as offer free test drives on thrilling demo courses. Electrify Expo offers consumers a one-stop shop opportunity to experience the best Electric Vehicles, E-Motorcycles, E-Bikes, E-Scooters, E-Skateboards and more.

“The micro-mobility trend has been accelerated and brands like ours have been fortunate to be at the forefront of this unprecedented growth,” said Michael Cannavo, Co-Founder and CMO of electric bicycle company SUPER73. “Our team’s hard work and our CEO’s calculated vision have put us in a great spot to accept thousands of new riders and evolve with the momentum of the space. Giving new consumers the chance to experience our products at Electrify Expo next month is helping us meet our vision for the future of transportation.” 

The beauty and size of the Orange County Great Park is unparalleled with its thousands of acres of green space, nestled next to a discontinued airstrip used for EV demo rides, providing the perfect location in what has become a powerhouse region for e-mobility and technology.

People who live in Southern California have a higher curiosity for Electric Vehicles than anywhere else in the country. Bringing Electrify Expo to Orange County provides an opportunity for the region to experience the best in e-mobility all in one weekend.

“Southern California is a hub for the EV market and as the home to Hyundai Motor America, we’re proud to be part of that,” said Hyundai’s Senior Manager of Auto Shows and Events Edwina Walker-Wright. “We’re excited to bring shoppers in Orange County the opportunity to experience Hyundai’s electric vehicles first-hand at Electrify Expo.” 

The Expo will take up over 500,000 square feet of outdoor, open-air space, where guests will have a full day of electrifying fun with food, drinks, music, and more. The evening of Sept 18th  will also include a special concert by the world-renowned electronic dance-pop trio, ARIZONA.

Electrify Expo was created to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility products through meaningful hands-on experiences. “The best way to appreciate and understand the benefits of owning an electric vehicle is by actually driving or riding one,” said Electrify Expo founder BJ Birtwell.

Tickets start at $20, but children ages 5 and under can attend for free. For tickets and more information regarding the Electrify Expo in Orange County, please visit: https://www.electrifyexpo.com/attend#great-park

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