Anneliese Schools Takes Action Offering Aid in the Recent Oil Spill Off the Coast of Southern California

Anneliese Schools Takes Action Offering Aid in the Recent Oil Spill Off the Coast of Southern California - IMA

Anneliese Schools, an award-winning private institution dedicated to providing unique educational opportunities for nursery school through 6th grade, is spearheading out-of-the-box, hands-on learning with their timely and relevant response to the recent oil spill off the coast of California. Because of  their ongoing focus on ecology and environmental stewardship, their older students were concerned  about the impact of this ecological disaster.  The fifth grade class’s call to action has raised nearly $6,500 to support the Pacific Marine Mammal Center’s fight to preserve marine life affected by this spill.

On Saturday October 2nd, a leak in an oil pipeline resulted in a major oil spill about five miles off the coast of Southern California, sending oil into many of the local marine ecosystems with potentially disastrous effects on marine wildlife. The spill, which was first reported by Amplify Energy, the owner of the pipeline, is estimated to amount to between 126,000 and 144,000 gallons of oil, covering a reported 13 square miles. The extent of the ecological damage remains to be seen, and experts predict that the full damage will not be known for another few weeks.

Anneliese teachers formulated an immediate response to help students understand  the current situation, knowing it would be a topic of student discussion. Anneliese has always had a curriculum beyond the ordinary. In addition to their high standards for academic learning in the core subjects, they focus on cultivating unique learning experiences for their students that instills a deep sense of responsibility and stewardship for their environment. 

With a keen, schoolwide focus on preserving local wildlife, they have long had a regular rotation of beach cleanup days. These volunteer based beach cleanups are a longstanding activity within Anneliese, and serve to provide their students and faculty with opportunities to preserve and protect their local environment, further instilling the importance of environmental conservation. During this time of environmental hardship, the older students at their school will be learning directly about this environmental disaster from their teachers, and will then have the opportunity to teach the younger students, using age-appropriate language, about this spill, what it means, and what they can do to help.

Anneliese has turned to their united community to spearhead a fundraising effort centered towards dealing with this environmental tragedy. In addition to resuming with  beach cleanup days once the beaches are deemed safe to return to, Anneliese is also taking part in a fundraising campaign for the Pacific Marine Mammal Center to deal with the damage of the oil spill. Anneliese has a close relationship with the Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC), and has led fundraising campaigns for them in the past. This time however, the sense of urgency is higher than before, with the PMMC in dire need of funds to purchase emergency materials such as ventilators, feeding tubes, and cleaning supplies in order to save as much wildlife as possible in this horrible time. One specific class has taken the initiative for this fundraising campaign by crafting a video explaining why it’s important to get involved in this mission. In addition to the video, the school will be collecting money for the next two weeks specifically to aid the PMMC in their fight. 

To contribute to this fundraising project with Anneliese, there are many inclusive ways to get involved. In addition to sending cash and check donations to their campuses, people looking to get involved can also donate directly to the PMMC. If monetary donations are not feasible, the PMMC also has an Amazon wish list, where those who wish to help can purchase a variety of materials necessary for this clean up campaign. 

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