3 Reasons Crypto Retirement Accounts are the Future

3 reasons why crypto...

While once seemingly a passing fade, crypto continues to break further and further into the mainstream as companies and investors alike remain captivated by its promise. This has promoted many investors to invest within their retirement accounts, due to the tremendous potential tax savings.

Here’s 3 reasons why crypto retirement plans are the future:

Wall Street is Coming

Financial giants ranging from Fidelity to Goldman Sachs and even Morgan Stanley have put their name into a growing list of companies planning to offer crypto to their clients. Just recently, the CEO of Morgan Stanley stated “it’s not going away. And the blockchain technology supporting it is obviously very real and powerful”. 

Once these companies offer crypto to their clients, we can expect a tremendous amount of new money to flow into crypto and lift prices.

Inflation is Real

Earlier in the year, the inflation numbers were potentially going to just be transitory. But recent data is starting to reveal that it might be sticking around much longer than expected. It’s only logical to assume that a fixed supply asset like Bitcoin could continue to perform very-well against an ever inflating dollar.

Cryptocurrencies not only offer a promise of new business models built on blockchain technology, but ways to store your value that cannot be printed at the whims of a small few.

It’s Never Been Easier

It used to be incredibly complicated to buy crypto. Companies like iTrustCapital have simplified the process through an easy to use 24/7 platform that almost anyone can navigate. This combination of simplicity and tax advantages has helped iTrustCapital grow to become the #1 Crypto IRA platform in America, recently surpassing more than $3.5 Billion in trading volume. 

Crypto has been the best performing asset class over the past 12 years and if that continues, the biggest winners will be those who invest with tax optimization in mind.

For more information on crypto investing within retirement accounts, head to iTrustCapital.com 

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