HealthCues: A Preventative Health Care Program

HealthCues CEO Doug Frederick Awarded H2H Enrollments Partner of the Year Award - IMA

HealthCues is a preventative health care program introduced four years ago with industry leading insurance carriers, top notch risk assessment and underwriters, and best in class third party administrators. The HealthCues Program was inspired to help employers and employees bridge the gap to preventative health care with a positive financial impact. In today’s environment many employees don’t get the preventative care they need due to limited healthcare resources and high deductibles.

HealthCues bridges the gap to crucial services with no out-of-pocket costs for the employer and the employee. These services can help reduce the risk of health emergencies and help increase overall health. HealthCues has been validated by the Validation Institute (owned by Intel-GE) to reduce the incidence of ER visits and hospitalizations between 80% and 93% using our AI system.  It is 80%-93% accurate predicting the onset of disease prior to symptoms.

Employees have access to online health coaching, telephonic health coaching, DNA screening, biometric screening, telemedicine and behavioral telemedicine, sleep applications, stress applications, EAP, a hospitalization plan to help pay for deductibles, and many more benefits. These are all provided with no out-of-pocket cost from day one, which will help with recruiting, retention, and ultimately everyone’s bottom line.

HealthCues helps create a healthier happier workforce which leads to efficiency and profitability. HealthCues helps with retention, which is a major factor influencing today’s workforce.  Last, but not least the employer will experience a tax savings with no out-of-pocket cost on the HealthCues Program and increase profitability.

You owe it to yourself and your employees to look into HealthCues.


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