Welcome Home, Purple Plus!

Welcome Home, Purple Plus! - IMA

By Purple

Just over five years ago Purple started a Kickstarter campaign to manufacture and sell a completely unique mattress. After incredible support from the community, we launched the Purple Mattress—a revolutionary product that placed a two-inch layer of Purple GelFlex Grid on top of a foam base. Since then, this bed, and our business model, changed the mattress game forever. After the Purple Mattress took off, we’ve launched several other hybrid mattress models, and we’re excited to announce an upgraded foam-base mattress: the Purple Plus!

The Purple Plus Mattress offers a comfort upgrade to our Purple Mattress, thanks to an extra layer of premium foam that provides better response, breathability, and cushioning. An upgrade to our original mattress, this option offers three layers of foam to support the Grid: a firmer, supportive layer, and two softer, cushioning layers. The top layer of premium cushioning foam underneath the Grid is designed to react more quickly to the body’s pressure and movement so every inch of you remains supported even as you shift or roll over. In short, we took everything that you love about the Purple Mattress and made it even better.

The new layer of premium comfort foam is more breathable than our standard foam to help you sleep comfortably cool—because there’s nothing worse than the night-sweats! The upgraded SoftFlex Cover allows you to fully feel the cool, instant response of the Grid. Pair your Purple Plus Mattress with our luxury SoftStretch Sheets and you’ll be sleeping comfortably cool all night long.

The Purple Plus uses our innovative GelFlex Grid, which cradles pressure points like your hips and shoulders, while keeping the rest of your body fully aligned. Our new premium comfort foam works hand-in-hand with the Purple Grid to mold to your body and give you the extra cushioning you want and the support you need. It’s soft where you want it and firm where you need it!

The Purple Plus Mattress is a premium product at an affordable price.