Acceleration of AI Adoption

Acceleration of AI Adoption - IMA

Dr. John Mooney, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School’s associate professor of Information Systems, provided an analysis on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacts businesses and customers and shares examples of how businesses are uniquely using AI technologies.

Various industries are rapidly adopting AI technologies which is helping businesses reduce costs, innovate, and serve as a competitive advantage. Dr. Mooney identified more than 50 instances of businesses adopting AI technologies in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The analysis found retail and medical products and services as the top two industries for AI adoption in the LA region. One example of AI implementation and its success was with BCBG Max Azaria, a worldwide fashion designer. The company implemented a third-party AI service which successfully raised online customer engagement by 20% and achieved a 300% increase in customer conversation rates. For companies that are interested in implementing AI technologies, Dr. Mooney recommends business executives to educate themselves on the various capabilities as well as starting off with a pilot program. During experimental pilot programs, executives can better understand the potential business benefits of the AI technology and start to develop the organizational and managerial competencies needed to effectively deploy the technology.

The Business Adoption of Artificial Intelligence analysis is available in the Pepperdine Graziadio Business Review. Follow the Graziadio Business Review on Twitter and LinkedIn for additional articles on relevant business information and analysis.

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