Boustead Securities’ CEO, Keith Moore, Visits with Virtual Reality Software Service Provider VisionThree in Indianapolis

Boustead Securities’ CEO, Keith Moore, recently toured the Indianapolis-based world headquarters of VisionThree (“V3”), a virtual reality (“VR”) software service provider focused on creating sales, training and education programs in a fully immersive virtual environment.

CEO Trent Decatur gives a demonstration of the VisionThree technology.

VisionThree has continued to evolve with the ever-changing industry to emerge as a leader in the area providing both custom VR experiences all the way to a complete VR Training.

“It was great to meet Trent, Eric and the rest of the VisionThree team during my trip to Indianapolis. I’m very impressed with their institutional client base and the immersive and interactive experience they’ve created. I believe they are making a real impact in the VR space and we look forward to continuing to advise them on their pre-IPO to IPO capital markets initiatives.” – Keith Moore, Boustead Securities CEO

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