The Road to Super Sunday with IMA Board Advisor Jeff Volpe

The Road to Super Sunday with IMA Board Advisor Jeff Volpe - IMA

IMA Board Advisor, former CFL football player and President of ViewSonic Corporation, Jeff Volpe, participated in a two-week long podcast tour with Thomas Dimitroff entitled, “The Road to Super Sunday” to discuss everything sports, business, and technology related. Dimitroff is an American–Canadian football executive who served as the general manager of the Atlanta Falcons from 2008 to 2020, and was the director of college scouting for the New England Patriots from 2003 – 2008. 

Leading up to Super Bowl LVI, a number of prominent guests from the NFL joined Volpe and Dmitroff on the podcast. Guests included top media personalities, general managers, agents, and business leaders. They blended their conversations with outdoor activities and provided a window into authentic insights and reactions from their guests. 

Special guests in episodes one and two included: Hadley Englehard (President & CEO of Enter Sports Management), Howie Roseman (EVP Philadelphia Eagles), Michael Holley (NBC Sports Boston Host), Doug Hendrickson (one of the biggest agents in the NFL) and Jim Trotter (NFL Media Icon). During these first few conversations on the road, Dimitroff and Volpe spoke on the power of loyalty, relationships and how they connect to business and creating powerful and meaningful change.

On episodes three and four, special guests included NFL Insider Jay Glazer (NFL on Fox fame), Les Snead (General Manager behind the Super Bowl-caliber Rams roster), David Canter (one of the driving forces behind the remarkable Eric Weddle coming-out-of-retirement story), and Michael Smith (a journalist and storyteller with very deep insight on the current NFL hiring cycle). These notable names helped Volpe and Dimitroff dive into some very important topics that included challenges that players face before the big game, how agents represent NFL players, and the buildup before the Super Bowl. 

Check out the Road to Super Sunday Podcast by Jeff Volpe and Thomas Dimitroff: