Personalization at Scale: Why is it THE Essential Strategy for Brands and Marketers in 2022?

By Sean Conrad

For any brand, creating a strong relationship with customers and understanding their needs is absolutely paramount.  

McKinsey & Company outlined this clearly in the Next in Personalization report: Brands that deliver tailored, meaningful, and relevant customer communication across multiple touchpoints through technology – can increase revenue and retention up to 30%.

The closer brands get to the customer, the larger the gains in market share and customer satisfaction and brand loyalty: the ultimate WIN-WIN outcome.

This is EXACTLY why the team at After, Inc. created the QuickSuite Platform.

We have made Personalization at Scale simple and easy for brands of all sizes.

Our newly released Personalization at Scale eBook covers:

✅Why personalization at scale is so important today

✅How a zero-party data strategy helps you achieve personalization at scale while respecting consumer privacy

✅Five great ways to acquire zero-party data, and:

✅How QuickSuite makes delivering personalization at scale simple and easy.

Click below and start YOUR journey to Personalization at Scale with us today!

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