Stark Naked Challenge Fund-Raising Winner

Stark Naked Challenge Fund-Raising Winner - internet marketing conference digital marketing association

Sue Grant, Stark Naked Athlete representing The Literacy Project raises $117,000 while proving age is just a number

Today, Sue Grant, a competitor in the annual Stark Naked Challenge, was marked as the largest fund raiser in the event at $117,000 for The Literacy Project, a 501(c)(3) organization, of a total of $569,164.  “We’re very proud of her fund-raising accomplishments, helping us set a fund-raising record for our tenth year!  We’re also humbled to have such a pillar of the community entrust us with her health and fitness care.  Embarking on this challenge is a serious commitment but with great social impact.  She did exceedingly well among the other athletes and for The Literacy Project.  From a fitness perspective, she certainly sets a new standard for women over sixty.  I mean, wow,” said Todd Vande Hei, CEO at Stark.

About the Charity Competition

Starting as a physique competition for the team at Stark in 2012, the Stark Naked Challenge has blossomed into an exhibition with Orange County’s and LA’s elites, training from mid-January until a photoshoot date in early June.  After the photo shoot, athletes select their favorite picture which is posted publicly.  Following five months of training and eating like a fitness model, the athletes are scored on a combination of raising money for their favorite charity, a panel of judges, and the votes tallied on the company’s website.  Most athletes enrolled in the challenge describe it as a life-changing experience.  The company believes that private enterprise can be a powerful tool for financially supporting the community it serves.  The Stark Naked Challenge is a creative example.

About the Company

Stark, a medically supervised fitness business, based in Irvine, California, has locations by Fashion Island, Tustin, and Beverly Hills.

Founded in 2011, Stark is an innovator in the fitness industry, providing a uniquely “holistic” approach, leading to exceptional and long-lasting results.   The company provides personal training, coaching, nutrition counseling, medical services, and chiropractic care, all delivered in concert, focused on a fitness goal.   Stark’s mission is to change the future of health and fitness and the communities it serves.

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