DFNDR Armor: Innovation Fuels Success at Engense, Inc.

Armor President & CEO, David Fernandez, Has Joined the Internet Marketing Association Board of Advisors

DFNDR Armor, the newest offering from California based armor manufacturer Engense, Inc., is proof that innovation can fuel performance. 

With an ever-increasing customer base, DFNDR Armor is disrupting a billion-dollar industry. Fueled by an unabashed willingness to challenge the status-quo and prioritize performance, DFNDR’s success is a testament to an entrepreneurial spirit forged over generations. Under the leadership of current President and CEO, David Fernandez, DFNDR has consistently surpassed expectations. By expanding retail operations and hardening their commercial portfolio, Fernandez has catapulted DFNDR to the forefront of the armor industry, an impressive feat given market competition within the advanced lightweight armor segment.

By producing the highest quality armor with the least trauma to the body, Fernandez and the DFNDR team continue to garner accolades for their embrace of complex engineering and precision craftsmanship. With an increasing portfolio of government contracts, DFNDR is proud to provide both Military and Special Operations Forces the equipment they need to meet the challenge at hand. Most recently, DFNDR was awarded a contract by the US Army to produce Vital Torso Protection Armor, a critical element of the Army’s next-generation Soldier Protection System.

“Innovating new ways to save lives and keep people protected is at the heart of both DFNDR and Engense,” said Dave Fernandez, Founder. “We are grateful and honored to partner with both military and law enforcement, and will continue to innovate the best armor solutions to ensure those who serve are protected.”

With 20 years of experience in composite materials, engineering, and manufacturing of armor products, Fernandez is uniquely equipped to navigate the challenges of an industry in-flux. As the former Vice President and Director of R&D for Armacel Armor, a business founded by his parents, Fernandez has the unique privilege of being both benefactor and guardian of his family’s legacy – a role that comes with the responsibility to engineer the most advanced and effective body armor in the world – a responsibility that Fernandez has clearly embraced. #DFNDRArmor


DFNDR Armor develops and manufactures advanced lightweight body armor plates, carriers, shields, vehicle armor and aircraft armor for the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement.  DFNDR Armor also offers this cutting-edge technology to U.S. Civilians and International Clientele. With two generations of trade secrets, meticulous engineering, and proprietary processing technology, DFNDR’s mission is to engineer the most advanced lightweight hard armor systems in the world.

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