Becoming an eCommerce Early Adopter with Joshua Kreitzer

Originally posted on: eStreamly

Special guest Joshua Kreitzer is Founder & CEO of Channel Bakers, a global agency that serves as a “one-stop shop” for eCommerce, advertising, branded story telling and analytics. The team drives incremental growth for brands large and small on Amazon and other online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Tesco

Josh is a 20-year technology marketing veteran and among the pioneers transforming digital advertising. Since 2015, Josh has scaled Channel Bakers from startup to a fully independent global retail media agency with five offices around the world and more than 200 employees. In the process, Channel Bakers has garnered international awards for its agency culture, along with positioning countless CPG product brands on platforms such as Amazon.

Hear what Josh thought about Amazon Prime Day 2022 and how it was different that previous years. Find out why he’s becoming more interested in live streaming creators. Discover the magic sauce that make a product video stand out. Gain an understanding of creating an emotional attachment to potential buyers through reinventing your content. Learn how to think through what you want to say in your videos and how to stay top of mind with shoppers. Get tips on using platforms like TikTok to benefit from modern product discovery and customer decision making.