It all started in 2013….

Tim Ballard spent over a decade working as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security where he was assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force and deployed as an undercover operative for the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team. However, in 2013, Ballard and a team of former government operatives left their careers because they wanted to do more to fight the trafficking and exploitation of children. Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), a nonprofit organization, was founded with a mission to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

Since its inception, O.U.R. has gathered the world’s experts in extraction operations and in anti-child trafficking efforts to bring an end to child slavery. O.U.R.’s Ops Team consists of former CIA, past and current law enforcement, and highly skilled operatives that lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts. These operations are always in conjunction with law enforcement throughout the world. While International Operations utilizes a sustainable rescue model of direct intervention to bring freedom and healing to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, we also fight to protect children in our own backyard. We work closely with law enforcement by providing cutting-edge, specialized tools to expand and amplify their anti-human trafficking and exploitation efforts in the U.S.

We continue to go to the darkest places and progress is made everyday thanks to the help of local partners and generous supporters. Because of amazing donors, O.U.R.’s operations and aftercare efforts have led to the rescue of over 6,000 survivors and the arrest of over 5,000 predators. We have expanded into over 40 countries and all 50 U.S. states. While the fight to end human trafficking is huge, we’re optimistic. Together we can make a change. Join the fight today!

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