Your Before-You-Kill-A-Campaign Checklist

You’ve done all your keyword research, kept abreast of emerging trends, and reviewed the analytics prior to launch. You have an established digital footprint and a strong online presence across multiple digital marketing channels. This advertising campaign should be driving targeted traffic to your website, but for some unknown reason, it isn’t.

With PPC advertising generating twice as much traffic as SEO, and with that PPC traffic 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic traffic, it behooves you to figure out exactly what’s wrong with your ad campaign. So how do you figure out what’s happening when a campaign just isn’t working? More importantly, at what point do you stop a marketing campaign and start over? Here is a ready-made list of things to check before you kill a campaign so you can decide when a marketing campaign is not working. Read the full article here to get the full list of tips:

What to Try Before You Kill a Campaign:

  • A/B testing: Surprisingly, less than 20% of digital marketing teams take the time to perform A/B testing. Don’t make this all-too-common mistake. Test keywords, images, headlines, offers, fonts, and your CTAs (calls to action) on the campaign itself and your landing page.
  • Review Analytics: Take your analysis a step further and check your landing page’s traffic, the icons visitors clicked on, your ad’s CTR (click-through rate), etc.
  • Verify Landing Page: Your landing page and ad’s content must be cohesive. An ad campaign with a high CTR – alongside a landing page with a high bounce rate and low conversion rate – means the content and ad don’t match.
  • Review Targeting Settings: Ensure your ad’s targeting settings address the proper age, gender, geographical location, and device type used by your audience.
  • Check Your Competitor’s Ads: Sometimes, the best way to change your PPC campaign is to see how the competition’s ads look and feel. 
  • Run a Search Query Report in Google Analytics:  Run a search query report. If specific keywords bring up your ads – but those keywords aren’t your focus – then add those to your negative keywords.
  • Create Local Landing Pages: Often, the best way to improve a PPC campaign’s performance is to personalize it. Consider making your landing pages more in tune with your local audience. 
  • Check Your Remarketing Strategy: If you’re running re-targeting or remarketing ads, then double-check all the content, links, and images.
  • Bring on an Expert: Outsource an expert advisor like those at Hawke Media to see if they can find something you missed. 


Use All the Tools at Your Disposal

Google Analytics provides multiple tools to determine precisely what’s working with your ads and what isn’t. Google Trends will help you stay up-to-date with recent news and events to keep keywords relevant and tuned into customer preferences.

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