Sue Grant, Founder of The Literacy Project, named one of “OC’s Most Influential of 2022” by The Orange County Register

Through Sue Grant’s leadership in 2022, The Literacy Project raised enough funding to scale to four additional states – New Mexico, Texas, Philadelphia and Washington – targeting thousands of other under resourced children in low-income families. The reading program is offered “free of charge” to students performing far below proficiency standards and at-risk of illiteracy.  Sue Grant collaborated with her team to successfully produce their first two in-person fundraisers since the pandemic and conduct several digital online fundraisers. All of the proceeds went directly to fund the #1 item on their wish list which is to bring the gift of literacy to additional school districts that have been identified in the “2022 OC Report of the Conditions of Children.” Additionally, Sue Grant led the charge to see The Literacy Project hire more exceptional talent to lead these reading programs. To date, the organization has helped over 10,500 children learn to read while promoting and supporting over 47,250 family members in pursuit of elevating family literacy.

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