Garden Grove Strawberry Festival Association Announces, “Celebrating Kindness” As Theme Of Its 63rd Annual Festival

The Garden Grove Strawberry Festival is proud to announce that it will be returning to the city once again, Memorial Day weekend, May 26th-May 29th, 2023. This annual event, which has been a favorite of residents and visitors for over 60 years, celebrates the city’s rich agricultural history and heritage, and it is dedicated to the strawberry.

The festival, which is organized by the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival Association, will feature a wide variety of activities, including a VIP pancake breakfast, live music, contests, vendors, a festive parade, and a Cake Cutting Ceremony. Visitors will also be able to enjoy carnival rides and attractions for all ages and much more.

This year, the festival’s theme will be centered around kindness. The Strawberry Festival Association wanted to focus on the kindness people show one another. The festival’s goal this year is to show that by embracing kindness, connection and togetherness can be fostered in order to build up our local communities.

An annual highlight of the festival, the Strawberry Festival Parade, will take place on Saturday, May 27th, and will feature Celebrities, Elected Officials, GGUSD and visiting bands, equestrian units and much more.

The Strawberry Festival Board is made up of a multitude of volunteers who are dedicated to providing the City of Garden Grove the best Festival yet.

2023 GGSFA Elected Officers include:

Andrea Perez, Festival Association President with Taylor Perez as Associate

Mark Mahoney, President Elect, Games/Permits/Carnival/Food/Nominations Chair; with Miles Mahoney as Associate;

George Skelton, Treasurer, Donations Committee with Suki Carter serving as Associate Heidi Levesque, Secretary, Contests with Nicole Sate as Associate

2023 GGSFA Directors and Associates include:

– Pat Catlin, Immediate Past President, Tents and Electrical, with Billy Catlin as Associate – Dr. Dawn Miller, Special Children’s Day, with Denise Webster as Associate

– Laura Neuschafer, Opening Ceremony/Cake Cutting with Malu Mendoza as Associate

– Fred Ramirez, Office with Frederico Ramirez as Associate

– Debbie Mahoney, Scholarships, Associate TBD

– Sherri Larson, VIP Breakfast, Associate, TBD

– Sue Catlin, VIP Lunch with Joyce Claussen as Associate

– Ben Santos, Environmental (Grounds/Sanitation), with Tony Lopez as Associate

– Jeff Sanders, Parade Coordinator, with Kim Sanders as Associate

– Bill Gutaskus, Rentals/Carts/ATMs with Sue Gutaskus as Associate

– Patti Catlin, Commercial Vendor Booths, with Susanne Rangel as Associate

– Josh Lindsay, Staged Events, Associate, TBD

– Steve Sanders, Rides and Grounds with Ryan Sanders as Associate

– Scott Weimer, Parking/Fencing with Marilyn Tortolano as Associate

– Christine Ball, Insurance, with Robin Suarez serving as Associate

– Randy Arbgast, Civic Food Booths/Permits, with Donald Schlensker as Associate

“We are excited to host the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival again this May, over Memorial Day Weekend,” said Perez, “Our festival is a great opportunity for residents and visitors to come together to celebrate this long standing family tradition as well as the city’s rich agricultural heritage, which is such an important part of our history and community.”

Admission to the festival is FREE and open to the public. The festival will take place Memorial Day weekend, May 26th-29th, 2023 at the Village Green Park, located at the Village Green Park, at the corner of Euclid and Main Street, Garden Grove, 92840.

Watch the event sizzle reel

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