Top 5 Reasons You Need A Marketing Audit (Even If You Think You Don’t)

Unless you just conducted one, every company can benefit from a marketing audit. A high-level marketing audit can help identify the areas of your marketing strategy that have grown stagnant to inspire fresh ideas and record-breaking profits. Whether you’re looking for ways to lower your CPM or you think everything is going just fine as is, your brand can benefit from a comprehensive marketing audit. These are the biggest ways.

Improve or Sustain ROI

Ideally, a marketing audit will find ways to improve your ROI. These factors are often new assets, ad audiences you haven’t experimented with, retargeting from unique databases, or precision targeting with your funnels. These are all items you often overlook when you’re working on the same platforms with the same ads every day.

If you’re perfectly happy with the results of your current marketing strategy (which, is any founder or manager ever completely content with results?), you still risk it becoming outdated or stale. If an audit can’t pinpoint a magic formula to improve your ROI, it can still find the areas to keep an eye on so you never see your strong performance decline.

Identify Low-Hanging Fruit

What changes to your marketing strategy would require the smallest effort and yield the fastest and greatest results? That’s the main objective of an outsider audit. What’s been under your nose all along that was outside the areas of expertise for your team?

Align PPC Targeting

An audit will help uncover improperly aligned targeting options across all PPC advertising campaigns. This will help you save money and ensure your message is focused on the right audience at the right time. An example might include a Google Ads Geofencing campaign that doesn’t differentiate between “present” and “search interest” in the targeting options. The result is ads serviced to people outside the geofence who won’t buy.

Proactively Manage Your Brand

An audit can help uncover gaps in your branding and give you the tools to protect and grow that brand. This can include responding to negative customer reviews from online directories like Google My Business, Foursquare, and Yelp. It can also include asking for backlinks from trusted sources and websites that mention your brand.

Check-In on the Competition

Your competitors are pursuing the same customers. An audit can help you benchmark the spending and results of your competitors. It will make sure you’re not left behind when a trend or conversation in your industry pops up. Your current marketing will keep you from getting left behind; reach out to our Partnerships Manager, Chanelle, at to receive a complimentary marketing consultation today!

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