VidMob and Kraft Heinz: Q&A on Data-Driven Creative

VidMob recently took the stage at AdWeek Europe with Kraft Heinz to talk about the specific ways in which Kraft Heinz is optimizing their creative strategy at scale using AI. In an interview preceding the event, Menno Wagenaar, VidMob Head of Central, Eastern Europe & UK, sat down with Matt Cosad, Head of Data & Analytics at Kraft Heinz, to ask a few questions on the data-driven creative process and how data and creativity work best together. They discussed the importance of minimalistic workflows and utilizing AI-driven technologies like VidMob to enhance the creative process without stifling its magic. On average, VidMob can drive a 2-5X increase in ROAS, a +75% ROI lift and a 2X increase in CTR and VTR. When it comes to successful creative, Matt highlighted the “it factor” that can’t be replicated by templates or defined by data sets. Technology like VidMob enables cost-effective scaling across multiple channels while maintaining quality and adhering to best practices. They agreed that data-driven creative empowers human creativity and improves the creative journey for customers. Read more about their conversation in Menno’s blog post.

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