Neville Boston, The Visionary Founder and CSO of Reviver will be speaking at IMPACT 23

Reviver, the pioneering company behind the world’s first digital license plate and connected vehicle platform, is revolutionizing an industry that has remained unchanged for over a century. Through their groundbreaking work, Reviver is making the impossible possible by transforming the humble license plate into a future-proofed, connected vehicle platform.

By embracing technological advancements and fostering collaborations with partners across the automotive ecosystem, Reviver has created a better experience for all stakeholders. From drivers and DMVs to highway patrols, auto dealerships, and commercial fleet businesses, Reviver’s innovative solutions have had a profound impact.

Reviver’s national presence is expanding rapidly, and they continue to prioritize user feedback to enhance the features of their revolutionary RPlate. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that Reviver remains at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

At IMPACT 23 attendees will have the unique opportunity to hear from Neville Boston himself. He will share insights on how Reviver has overcome challenges, shattered boundaries, and made the impossible possible.

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