Victor Cho, the visionary CEO of Emovid, will be speaking at IMPACT 23 to share his insights on “Authentic Societal Communication.”

Victor Cho is a leading force in the world of communication technologies. As the CEO of Emovid, he has been spearheading the development of a powerful and revolutionary platform that aims to revolutionize the way we connect and interact with each other.

In an age dominated by text-based communication, EmovidAI recognizes the significance of voice, tone, and body language. Studies have shown that 93% of communication’s impact is lost without these critical elements. Emovid is on a mission to bridge this gap and provide a new, authentic way to communicate effectively.

With Emovid, users can harness the power of video to ensure that their messages are imbued with the right emotions, sincerity, and clarity. This innovative technology opens up a myriad of possibilities for personal and professional interactions, transcending the limitations of conventional text-based communication.

Victor served as Evite’s CEO for 7 years, successfully transforming the business from systemic degradation to achieving user stabilization, user growth, revenue diversification, and ultimately, revenue growth. He currently sits on the board, continuing to contribute his expertise and insights to the company’s continued success.

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