Power from Within

By: California Fuels & Lubricants

We’ve all heard the term growing pains. In business this often means long hours, stretched staff, and the whole team wearing multiple hats. When managed correctly, this pace is the exact ingredient needed to create the recipe for success—as the saying goes pressure makes the pearl

However, if the ball is dropped and ineffective stress is prolonged without an end in mind, then we can predict where this leads: a tug-of-war between teams, opposing internal direction, and employee burnout. 

At California Fuels & Lubricants (CFL) we aim to do it differently. Family owned since 2004, we have grown tenfold since our inception and provide twenty-four hour service to all of our clients from San Diego to San Francisco and beyond. With almost 100 employees, our Hispanic owned operation is proud of our roots, and we do everything we that we can to give back to our communities, because without the hard-working individuals that make our company great, we wouldn’t have the reputation that has taken us this far. 

As consumers just like you, we’ve run across great company taglines before. Think about Disneyland’s The Happiest Place on Earth, or Nike’s Just Do It, and who can forget Wheaties’ Breakfast of Champions. Traditionally, these taglines are focused solely on the customer while forgetting about the employees that serve them. But, at CFL we know that without a strong team we can’t be there for the customers we have now and the new ones that we desire for the future. 

Our tagline at California Fuels & Lubricants, We Power Your Success, is directed in two ways: the success of our customers and the success of our employees. With our focus on elevated growth and better serving the customer, we are continually listening to and empowering our teams so that we can provide best-in-class service. 

First, we’ve launched an Employee Survey asking for feedback from our team. Types of questions included are: (1) Do you have what you need to do your job? (2) When you contribute to CFL’s success do you feel recognized? (3) Do you think your opinions count at work?

It’s by allowing anonymity in the answers of the survey, that we believe the truth we need to hear to improve will be heard. 

One employee wrote, “CFL is an amazing company that has an ownership team like no other. They work right alongside us to make sure of the success for this company.” Another said, “Great company and I look forward to the future growth!” Lastly one added, “Working together is a must! The team is continually growing, and it is and exciting place to be.” 

Second, we have established a CDL Academy where internally we train and equip employees with Commercial Drivers Licenses. We believe that training our drivers is worth the investment, because when we put time into our employees, we develop the right team that can serve the customer. 

“It’s been a challenge for me,” a Student Driver said. “So, once I do get my CDL I’m going to feel great. Real positive.” “This training is priceless,” another said. “You can’t find free training like this anywhere.” “Really do the inventory if you want to join the CDL Academy, because they will help you succeed,” a last said . “This is not a job it’s a career.” 

We are growing and we know that the success we desire won’t be without a struggle. Our success is determined by how we serve the customer and when our customer grows, we do too. In the Energy Logistics industry, we know that power can mean many things and as a distributor, we know that power comes from many different points of origin. We want you to know that at California Fuels & Lubricants our power comes from within and it’s from the work of our employees that we pass that success on to you—don’t forget that

We Power Your Success.

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