Get ready to be enlightened by none other than Joshua Kreitzer, the visionary CEO of Channel Bakers, at IMPACT 23! Samsung, HP and over 500 retail facing brands rely on the paid media genius of Kreitzer’s team.

Are you eager to decode the dynamics of Social Commerce? Curious about how TikTok and Amazon are shaping the future of retail? Look no further – Josh will be your guide through this transformational journey.

As the CEO of Channel Bakers, Josh has pioneered innovative Advertising and Marketing strategies that are turning heads in the industry. With a focus on leveraging data-driven insights, Channel Bakers empowers brands to thrive in specific shopping channels, fostering growth and driving sales from start to finish.

Josh’s topic at IMPACT 23 will unravel the intricate threads of Social Commerce, unveiling how platforms like TikTok and Amazon are rewriting the rules of engagement for brands. His expertise will illuminate the path forward for anyone aiming to conquer the evolving landscape of e-commerce.

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