HealthCues Announces Strategic Partnership with Recuro Health

Quinn Pearl, Senior Vice President of Sales of Recuro Health, highlighted the transformative impact of digital health on employee healthcare access and delivery:

HealthCues, a preventative healthcare platform that bridges the gap between preventivehealthcare and positive financial impact for employers and employees, is delighted to announce its partnership with Recuro Health. Recuro Health is an integrated digital health solutions company known for its personalized and proactive approach to virtual care. They offer a comprehensive suite of virtual care services and benefits.

HealthCues’ commitment to expanding its service offerings is matched by its enthusiasm for partnering with Recuro Health’s mobile app and web platform, seamlessly integrated into HealthCues’ existing platform. This strategic collaboration empowers HealthCues users with direct access to a suite of valuable resources, including virtual urgent care, on-demand counseling, and the Acute Care Rx prescription program.

Virtual Urgent Care is accessible 24/7, allowing members unlimited access to top primary care physicians via phone or video, regardless of their location or circumstances. Furthermore, members benefit from unrestricted access to on-demand counseling, addressing both work-related and personal matters. Additionally, members can avail themselves of up to 3 in-person visits with a licensed behavioral health clinician for each concern. The Acute Care Rx Program offers over 70 of the most commonly prescribed medications for free, along with discounts on a wide range of other prescriptions. This Rx benefit is supported by a network of over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide, without limitations on dosage, duration, quantity, or form. All these exceptional benefits are available to HealthCues members and their dependents at a $0 copay.

Doug Frederick, Founder and CEO of HealthCues, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “In collaboration with Recuro Health, we are delivering invaluable on-demand healthcare resources directly to our users. By combining unlimited virtual urgent care with on-demand counseling and a comprehensive Rx program at $0 copay, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to providing our members with innovative and cost-effective healthcare solutions.” 

“The rapid expansion of digital health is dramatically reshaping how employee healthcare is accessed and delivered. Plan sponsors and administrators are turning to Recuro as a scalable solution for providing quality and cost-effective employee healthcare. Administrators who have integrated Recuro into their health plans digitally are realizing new and emerging value opportunities. This partnership with HealthCues helps support the next generation of digital health innovation.”


About HealthCues

Established in 2019 and headquartered in Ponte Vedra, FL, HealthCues offers workplace health solutions without out-of-pocket costs. It bridges the gap between employers, employees, and the path to wellness while generating a positive financial impact. Their offerings encompass hospitalization plans, increased take-home pay for employees, employer savings in payroll, DNA screenings, health coaching, biometric screening, telehealth services, mental health services, and more. The Employee Personal Health Dashboard offers translation in 60 languages, fitness and vitals tracking, incentive tracking, behavior identification modules, 250+ multimedia videos, wearable device connectivity, and fitness integration challenges. For more information on HealthCues, please visit


About Recuro Health

Recuro Health is an integrated digital health solutions company known for its uniquely personalized, holistic, and proactive approach to virtual health. Their Digital Medical Home facilitates easy access to virtual care, behavioral health, and a comprehensive range of supplemental benefits, including pharmacy services, care management, and care navigation, all consolidated within one platform. For more information on Recuro Health, please visit

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