Primior Announces Strategic Shift Towards Comprehensive Real Estate Asset Management, Consolidating Affiliated Brands

Primior, locally renowned for its expert property management services and a host of impressive existing and upcoming real estate development projects, today announces a pivotal shift towards real estate asset management, broadening its range of solutions to investors. With over $1B in Assets Under Management (AUM), $502M+ in global investor distributions, and more than $3B in previous transactions, Primior is poised to solidify its status as one of Southern California’s premier real estate investment, management, and development companies through this strategic shift.

The launch of a new website symbolizes this transformation, bringing together affiliated brands and companies, including USP, LAIRC, Primior Exclusive, and Primior Development & Construction. Primior’s move marks a significant transition towards a centralized model that offers a wide variety of critical solutions for investors and the local real estate investor community. Through real estate asset management, the company is not only managing individual properties within investors’ portfolios but also the portfolios themselves, representing a far-reaching and innovative solution.

The new website plays a vital role in this transformation, consolidating all of Primior’s affiliated brands and companies into a unified platform. Investors can now access a wide array of solutions, from strategy and advisory to construction and development, all under one roof.

“Our new website symbolizes a strategic repositioning for Primior and its partner companies. We are transitioning to a more centralized model, expanding our focus to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that cater to both our investors and the local real estate investor community,” remarked Andrew Palacios, Primior’s Managing Director of Marketing.

“Through this innovative new direction, we are managing not only the properties within our investors’ portfolios but also overseeing the portfolios themselves, embracing everything from new developments and strategy to long-term wealth preservation and growth.”

In addition to the new strategic direction, Primior is launching new investor education initiatives, including Monthly Investor Workshops, an upcoming podcast, The Blueprint™, and quarterly market research reports. These initiatives are aimed at creating more informed investors, providing valuable insights and knowledge. They align with Primior’s initiative of providing as much value as possible to both existing and future investors.

Since its inception, Primior has been a leader in real estate property management and development, however, this strategic shift underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, offering personalized, cutting-edge solutions tailored to investors’ unique needs and goals.

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