Unveiling Newport Beach and Company’s Sponsorship at IMPACT 23 – Get Ready for Something Extraordinary!

We are pleased to share that Newport Beach and Company, a pioneering force in destination marketing, will be a sponsor at IMPACT 23. This collaboration signifies an important step forward in reshaping the future of Destination Marketing Organizations.

Newport Beach and Company is redefining destination marketing by introducing a self-sustaining business model. This innovative approach leverages cost efficiencies, brand-building benefits, and strategic advantages to promote Newport Beach on a global scale across various platforms.

Newport Beach is a world-class city known for its coastal beauty, vibrant culture, and exceptional experiences. With Newport Beach and Company’s support, the city is poised to enhance its global presence.

We are honored to have Gary Sherwin, President and CEO of Newport Beach and Company, attending IMPACT 23. Mr. Sherwin will share insights into their pioneering approach to integrated community marketing and brand leadership.