CEO Stuart McClure’s Mind-Blowing AI Strategy Against Network Threats at IMPACT 23!

Stuart McClure, CEO of Qwiet AI, will share insights on the groundbreaking use of AI and Machine Learning in network threat detection and response at IMPACT 23.

Qwiet AI is in a relentless pursuit to identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities in software code before they ever reach production. Their approach is powered by AI and ML, and it stands unrivaled in the cybersecurity landscape.

In an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving, they have made it a mission to tackle the “unknown unknowns.” Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and a team of top-tier cyber defenders, they are breaking new ground in protecting digital assets.

Stuart is also the CEO of NumberOne AI, based in Newport Beach, CA, which stands as a pioneering entity in Orange County, employing a comprehensive and automated AI/ML platform to address the complexities of initiating and propelling new business ventures.

Join us at IMPACT 23 and discover how Qwiet AI is leading the charge in fortifying your digital defenses. Together, we’ll embrace the future of cybersecurity, one AI-powered solution at a time.

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