Lights out on your events, now what?

Empty Stage

Written by Kathleen Gratehouse, Published on Marketing Land

Here are some strategies to execute a hard reset on objectives to make the most of what your brand already has.

Coronavirus has rightfully pulled the plug on the 2020 conference circuit, and while some are touting virtual replacements as a sales and marketing salvation, in reality, there is no single replacement for real-world events. This is the time to embrace integration, create comprehensive, compelling and even longer-lasting campaigns that surpass single executions and reach audiences at a new scale.

A hard reset on objectives

The cancellation of conferences worldwide is your opportunity to reassess. Rather than looking for a direct replacement, ask yourself: Were you exhibiting out of habit, or was there a real, tangible and measurable outcome of our conference participation?

All too often, regular routines of roadshows and roundtables become just that – regular. Smart marketers should focus on outcomes, rather than the outputs, and ask if those things are even possible in the world of webinars alone, or desirable when the audience is third-party and rented rather than owned

Every company, conference and marcomms program is different. Conferences could be about pitching products and demos, building industry profile and thought leadership, getting close to the competition or running recruitment, networking and talent development.

What’s universal, however, is that a conference is almost certainly not the only way you achieve these things throughout the year.

You already do everything the virtual conference could. Always-on advertising, nurture streams and ABM strategies mean marketing no longer marches to the beat of an annual calendar or the schedule of singular events. And while your leadership won’t be presenting to a ballroom full of their peers any time soon, that doesn’t mean thought leadership should stop. It means it needs to get better.

In the absence of in-person events, you’ll need to reach your audience across multiple channels and touchpoints. More importantly, you’ll need to do so with authenticity, clear value and purpose. Online marketing is about to get noisier than ever. This is your chance to rise above it.



Vimeo Create launches to give SMBs access to video marketing tools

vimeo create

Written by Amy Gesenhues, Featured in Marketing Land

Vimeo has moved its Vimeo Create marketing platform out of beta to offer SMB marketers a full suite of video marketing tools. The platform includes video creation tools, “smart” editing features, unlimited stock video and photo content and the ability to automatically tailor videos for individual social platforms (“creating videos in every format and ratio”).

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How to Analyze Your LinkedIn Profile Using the LinkedIn Dashboard

Written by Luan Wise

Article from Social Media Examiner

Looking for analytics to assess your LinkedIn profile’s performance? Are you looking at the LinkedIn dashboard for profiles?

In this article, you’ll discover how to use the dashboard on your personal LinkedIn profile to analyze and improve your profile visibility, prospecting, and content strategy.

What Is “Your Dashboard” on LinkedIn?

Every LinkedIn profile has a Your Dashboard section that provides data about its visibility on the platform over time. These insights include:

  • Who viewed your profile
  • Post/article views
  • Search appearances

To find your dashboard—which is available on both desktop and mobile—look at the top of your LinkedIn profile, below the About section. Note that your dashboard is private to you; no one else can access or view this information.

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How Emerging Email Innovation Will Impact Marketers in 2020


Written by April Mullen

Article from Marketing Land

Email strategist April Mullen shares advice about how issues with CCPA, AMP and BIMI will change how we approach email marketing this year.

During a recent webinar where I co-presented with Senior Editor Jennifer Cannon, I received several questions relating to innovations that will impact email marketers in 2020. I wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of them.

Q: CCPA has officially gone into effect. Will the privacy climate in the U.S. continue to change?

Q. I keep hearing about BIMI. What are the primary benefits of implementing this?

Q. AMP seems like an interesting development for email. Why am I not seeing more brands implementing it? 

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The Missing Piece for Marketers and PR: Social Media Liability Education

Mark Fiedelholtz, Social Media Law Attorney

Clients don’t want to hear that you have attorneys to clean up social media mistakes. They want to hear that you’ve received expert social media liability training, so you don’t make costly mistakes in the first place…

3 Important Points
  • An attorney can’t monitor every “real time” post or tweet from personal devices. That’s why you must receive expert social media liability training before you launch your campaign.
  • An attorney can’t repair the damage of a post or tweet that permanently destroys the reputation of a person in front of a large audience.
  • If you want to differentiate yourself from others, reassure clients that you are legally smart on social media liability.

Learn more about this education course here

IMA Survey: Share your feedback for a chance to win


Our IMA members represent an incredible brain trust of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Periodically, we tap that resource to gain insights on topics of mutual interest through brief online surveys.

We would greatly appreciate your participation in a survey on your experiences with creating and delivering business presentations. This topic is one that affects nearly every business person at one time or another.

As a token of our appreciation, you can enter to win a pair of Bose audio-enabled sunglasses at the end of the survey.


We Brought The IMPACT To You – The impactSHOW at Microsoft Stores

By Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman, Internet Marketing Association

One of the IMA’s most ambitious projects featured our impactSHOW debuted on Nov 14, in more than 80 Microsoft Stores across the United States. The IMA team of content, social media, design, advertising and video specialists transformed a highly successful IMPACT19 (held just weeks earlier at Las Vegas’ Waldorf Astoria) from a 12-hour conference into a 90-minute video program filled with insights and highlights from many of its inspirational keynote speakers.

Microsoft Stores’ spotlight on the IMA would amplify the reach of its annual conference and the participation our impactSHOW lineup, which included Jeff Kearl, CEO of Stance, Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR & Anduril Technologies and the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. IMA’s content would add value by providing Microsoft Stores with exclusive original programming to engage business customers in a unique experience at its retail locations. Some powerful insights included:

–   Cultivating a brand

–   The importance of optimizing systems based on an understanding of risk

–   The principles of building an effective organization

–   The power of leveraging social media in a large organization

–   The value of a competitive edge, and finally

–   The strength of sheer determination and courage to achieve your dreams.

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(Facebook newsfeed of impactSHOW attendees)

With just weeks before the event, our teams developed the necessary controls and structure to manage its implementation, complete with the core video presentation, online registration, marketing initiatives, and store framework for the program. The team’s efforts resulted in strong registration and attendance. One New York store alone had over 150 guests register!

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(A collection of Instagram posts from attendees from various Microsoft locations)

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All of our attendees will be receive – our multipage IMPACT Report, free one-year IMA membership, and access to IMA’s brand-new Lightspeed virtual training content. The team also developed a value-proposition for attendance that included not only the presenters’ content, but also an opportunity drawing for Microsoft’s new Surface Go. A secondary selection focused on photo/video reviews serviced through Indi, with the prize being a pair of BOSE Sunglasses!

(To the right, an Instagram post by @Navahberg, winner of BOSE drawing)

Thank you to our IMA team for their invaluable work for producing this event, and our Microsoft partners, especially Bryan Schmidt and Sandra Andrews, for connecting us to their stores and making an IMPACT to their audience.


FREE Local Event Exclusively in Microsoft Stores

November 14 • 8:30 AM

Join us at your local Microsoft Store for a value-packed 90-minute program featuring breakfast, peer networking and business insight presented by leaders behind nationally recognized brands. ImpactSHOW offers a look forward, with answers to relevant challenges to help fuel and inspire growth of your own business impact.

ImpactSHOW is produced by the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) – one of the fastest growing professional organizations in the world. The IMA’s mission is providing a unique knowledge-sharing platform where proven internet marketing strategies are demonstrated and shared to increase each member’s value to their industry and their organization.
Presented exclusively in Microsoft Stores, all attendees will receive…
  • A chance to win a Microsoft Surface Go (one per location)
  • 1-year IMA membership for attendees ($397 value)
  • impactSHOW 2019 Report

Register Now

The IMA Continues to “Elevate The Journey”​ at impactSHOW 2019!

By Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman, Internet Marketing Association

Our latest conference, impactSHOW 2019, was a fantastic success! From content and performances, dining and gift bags, to exhibitors and networking opportunities, I’m proud to say this may have been our best IMPACT yet.

Here’s a general recap of key moments throughout the day. There are plenty to mention!

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The morning featured a delicious breakfast in the dining hall, surrounded by exhibitor displays from PepperdineViewSonicUCI Biological SciencesCaterina’s ClubMicrosoftNtooitive DigitalCivic Financial Services and Salesforce. International Singer Maria Elena welcomed the audience to the main ballroom with various songs to uplift the morning.

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The start of the event showcased an IMA Opening Video, illustrating the day’s keynotes & schedule, followed by my opening keynote address. Our new IMA Initiatives – such as the brand new IMA membership and IMA Virtual Training system – were showcased by Sean Conrad (IMA).

Jeff Kearl (STANCE) initiated the morning session by sharing his thoughts on the importance of brand. He was then joined by Denise Roberson (Jadi Communications), in a fireside chat about how “Businesses Without Purpose Will Die”

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Our title sponsor, Pepperdine, displayed their Coca-Cola partnership video, before having Shawn Herrera intro Charla Griffy-Brown, Professor at Pepperdine Graziadio, who discussed her topic on “AI, Analytics & Automation RISK: The goal isn’t to minimize, it’s to OPTIMIZE”.

Jay Symonds (Amazon) moderated the first panel of “Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Fintech for your Business” with panelists – Vikas Khorana (Ntooitive), Timothy Hogan (CONVYR), Jeanniey Mullen (DailyPay, Inc), and Perry Evoniuk (Evite). The general discussion showcased how the technology is now being commoditized, with voice & visual search capabilities being enhanced by the day.

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Dr. Jay Calvert then spoke heavily on personal brand and withstanding attacks to his brand and his business, while Alexis Dujan & Devon Williams of TransPerfect took the stage to speak on Global Branding Excellence and a thorough case study with global medical device company Alcon.

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Bruno Serato shared his vision and mission behind Caterina’s Club with the audience and how he seeks to feed, house, and provide employment opportunities to struggling children in the Orange County, California region. A gourmet Italian lunch was provided, courtesy of Waldorf Astoria, with Phil Vandermost of Telesound providing some classic tunes for our attendees to relax and enjoy, while dining.

Our whole afternoon session was jam-packed with content from thought leaders from different sectors. Interviewed by Mike Matuz (FMA Agency), Marty O’Connor (MOCA) shared his story and a teaser to his documentary, which is now generating measurable buzz in the film industry.

The Salesforce panel featured bright thought leaders in the company – Heidi Reinfeld, Rick Munoz, Adriana Sesana, Yi Leng Lee, and Adam Doti – as well as Jesse Walker (EPIC Insurance) and Sean Conrad as moderator. They spoke heavily on the importance design has on making products/services more human-centered, and how Salesforce has been a vital tool in connecting different internal, consumer, and B2B relationships together.

Victor Cho (Evite) introduced the “Cannabis Revolution” panel, with speakers Andy Fathollahi (The Kanvas Co.), Yaniv Kotler (Honest Globe Inc.) and Nick Kovacevich (Kushco Holdings Inc.highlighting how negative outlooks on the industry have deeply affected the market, but the future remains promising with cannabis products and regulation in queue.

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Magician Kevin Li then took the stage for a fun magic performance, who charmed the audience and utilized his phone in a bizarre way!

No alt text provided for this image

Rene Rodriguez (Volentum) spoke on how to “Amplifii Your Influence” and method of reframing an idea, while Jedidiah Collins (Brighton Jones) shared his backstory as a pro-NFL player and where making “every inch count” continues to be a driving force in his life. Christi Olson (Microsoft) shared why it’s important for businesses to make modern marketing more accessible and human-centered in their design.

Our topic on “User-Generated Content (UGC), Influencers & Engagement” was initiated by a fireside chat with Neel Grover (Indi) and Randy Hetrick (TRX) who highlighted Randy’s backstory and how UGC escalated his offsite traffic and built his business. They were joined by Scott Mencken (Move Inc.and Tariq Kursheed (CSI) who shared how they work with UGC growth and shareability at scale for their businesses.

Richard Lumsden (SOCiintroduced Chad Jordan (Sport Clips Haircuts), who mentioned his love for social media, and the power it has for his company, enabling him to reach a connection or share moments with his stylists at scale.

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Brad Lea (LightSpeed VT) shared his backstory on the origins of his company, and how his technology has enabled companies to become better educators and learners with the right platform. His partnership has been invaluable in our developing IMA VT program.

Business Leaders from our IEC group – Kevin Maloney (International Executive Council), David Latona (Tompkins International), Kendra Rommel (Civic Financial Services), Kamin Samuel, Matt Nicosia (Vivakor Inc– talked about overcoming their personal and business challenges and the role of culture and vision for 2020.

Don Donovan & Erik Leist (Baker Street) shared their work behind Tahoe Blue and how they helped drive engagement and growth through their process of “Discovery. Creativity. Proof.”

Brandon Dawson (Cardone Ventures) highlighted his humble backgrounds as a walnut farmer, and how his relationships and persistence help him scale and grow his business.

Dr. Frank LaFerla (UCI BioSci) shared a brief presentation on his work at UCI, and how critical it is that actions from the Mind, will affect the Body, and have lasting effects on World.

Live via satellite, Dr. Oz was fully shown on all ViewSonic displays that lined the room, as he shared his involvement in Ai, where one of the biggest obstacles is proper management of medical data. He spoke of his passions and his work on alternative medicine and against fake ads.

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I shared the stage with Palmer Luckey (Anduril & Oculus VR) in a fashionable Hawaiian theme interview & Q/A (complete with a set of hammocks!). We uncovered how Palmer’s rise in his industry was due to his dedication on providing more efficient & less expensive tools to improve national and international defense.

Ken Berrick (Seneca Family of Agencies) shared his background behind the adoption system at Seneca, and ensuring kids have the support they need to thrive. Cody Kearns (iComeUp Marketing) told a quick snippet of his journey on growing his agency and the prevalence of social media for creators.

The Startup Pitch Challenge featured judges – Carey Ransom (Accelerate O), Brandon Dawson (Cardone Ventures), Shawn Dougherty (EXOIO & Mophie& Sean Burke (Channelstars) – who asked various questions on the development of the startups who presented:


At the end of the decision round, Elixicure was chosen as the winning startup for impactSHOW19.

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The IMPACT 2019 Awards Ceremony honored 39 final recipients in various product & service categories, and all recipients joined in for a solid group photo. impactSHOW attendees were then welcomed to the fantastic full-course fine dining experience held at the NoMad Restaurant, with entertainment by Maria Elena & Nick Mardon that carried the vibe throughout the night.

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There’s still plenty to unpack from this event! You can find a more detailed account in our upcoming full impactSHOW19 report, to be released within the coming weeks, with a link to our entire photo gallery.

Thank you for making this an awesome experience!

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Sinan Kanatsiz

Global Chairman & Founder, Internet Marketing Association (IMA)

Host, impactSHOW 2019