Spinnaker Investment Group CEO Morgan Christen  Named Distinguished Leader in Wealth Management

Spinnaker Investment Group CEO Morgan Christen this week was named by business publication OC Business Journal as one of a select group of “Distinguished Leaders in Wealth Management.”  The weekly publication selected honorees through a nomination and editorial department review process.  

Among the hallmarks of leaders recognized include standout professional capabilities and accomplishments in their practice. Leaders such as Christen are instrumental in preparing one’s entire family for financial stability and fiscal comfort for generations to come, and offer highly personalized plans for investing, charitable giving, and other specific needs, according to the publication.

Spinnaker Investment Group has been recognized in the local business media for three consecutive years as one of the region’s fastest-growing private companies, growing an average of nearly 65% year-over-year.  Over the past five years, the firm has launched a number of client service innovations while expanding its staff from three to 10 professionals, relocated to larger offices, and increased assets under management from $100 million to more than $500 million.

Christen has spearheaded a variety of initiatives and strategic services such as “Women & Wealth”, empowering women on their journey to financial freedom; SpinnLaw, concierge financial services tailored to attorneys; SpinnTax, a separate business offering tax services to existing clients; as well as a series of quarterly market reports and educational videos discussing the most current trends and topics in the market today. 

In addition to serving as its CEO, Morgan Christen is also co-founder and Chief Investment Officer for Spinnaker, leading his firm’s investment committee in building customized portfolio solutions for high-net worth clients.  His active certifications include the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) and he is a past board member of the CFA Society of Orange County.  

Prior to co-founding Spinnaker Investment Group, Christen founded and led Signature Resources Capital Management, LLC in Irvine and also served as the President of Charterwest Consulting Inc., a money management firm in Newport Beach.  

An MBA graduate from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, Christen has more than 29 years of investment management experience and numerous professional certifications.  Along with his MBA, he holds a BS in Business Finance from the University of Southern California.

Spinnaker Investment Group: Wealth Reinvented

An independent practice that does not represent a specific company, bank or Wall Street institution, Spinnaker confidently and autonomously advises clients with individually tailored financial strategies designed to achieve financial independence. Spinnaker’s services include Financial Planning, Wealth Planning, Retirement Planning, Asset Management, and Securities and Insurance. Spinnaker serves a broad customer base throughout Southern California, along with many clients across the United States.   

For more information on Spinnaker Investments, visit www.SpinnInvest.com.

How to Avoid Overstock and Stockouts While Maximizing Profits

By Tompkins Solutions

Manufacturing and shipping delays and shifting customer shopping habits are continuing to pose issues for inventory planning. Retailers that rushed to restock shelves amid ongoing supply chain disruptions are now stuck with excess inventory and all of the costly consequences, including massive markdowns and additional storage expenses and requirements. This comes at a time when rising labor, space and freight rates and record-high inflation are already cutting into profit margins.

While excess inventory can lead to profit loss, the opposite can also have a negative impact on the bottom line, with NielsenIQ reporting that U.S. retailers lost over $82 billion in sales in 2021 due to out-of-stock items. Stockouts are also one of the top reasons for a bad customer experience, which can lead to additional profit loss for retailers.

So how can retailers improve their inventory planning strategy to maximize profits and meet changing consumer demands? Below are five tips to help companies strike the right balance of inventory.

Utilize advanced inventory optimization software

Since relying solely on past sales history is no longer adequate to properly predict future demand, savvy retailers are starting to deploy sophisticated software solutions that use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide valuable insights and improve inventory forecasting. With real-time visibility into the entire supply chain network, retailers can quickly identify and react to any potential disruptions or delays to ensure they have the right amount of inventory available in the right place at the right time.

Optimize product and category assortment

While consumers have become accustomed to endless product choices thanks to Amazon and other online marketplaces, recent supply chain disruptions have prompted a rise in substitutable products, with eMarketer reporting that more than 50% of consumers bought a different brand than usual due to out-of-stock products last year. This decline in customer loyalty, combined with ongoing disruptions and rising prices, highlights the need for retailers to optimize category and product assortment to avoid inventory stockouts and lost sales.

Diversify your supplier and transportation network

Inventory issues can occur anywhere in the supply chain, from manufacturing to last-mile delivery. Disruptions can vary in severity and range from a single local event like a labor strike or natural disaster to a worldwide pandemic like COVID-19. Companies should identify and build relationships with suppliers and vendors in additional geographic locations and closer to home to ensure they can continue to meet customer demands in the face of disruption. Similarly, retailers should also expand their distribution and transportation options, as port congestion, driver shortages and rising fuel and freight rates continue to create additional challenges and delays for fulfillment operations. 

Embrace an omnichannel strategy

Omnichannel retailers can utilize their existing brick-and-mortar footprint as an extension of their distribution centers, especially at a time when space and labor are scarce, or in the event of disruptions. With the help of an advanced inventory management system (IMS), companies can manage stock across all stores and warehouses and ship items to other locations or directly to customers to avoid stockouts while reducing delivery times and costs. Low-traffic stores with unused space can also serve as micro-fulfillment centers or forward stocking locations to increase storage capacity and delivery speed to customers. 

Deploy automated solutions

Warehouse automation—including robotics, material handling and software solutions—reduce touches, human error and cycle times, enabling companies to increase speed, accuracy and efficiency. When installed in a distribution center, software tools such as warehouse management systems (WMS) and warehouse execution systems (WES) can determine the ideal mix of labor, equipment and processes to optimize the flow of goods. 

Contact us today or check out our other resources to learn how to optimize your supply chain to increase service levels and reduce costs.

Hawke Media Acquires Morphio to Bolster Launch of HawkeAI

The future of marketing is here! After 7 years in development, Hawke Media is excited to announce the launch of HawkeAI, the future of automated marketing. This expands the suite of services from Hawke Media so that you can set your marketing strategy on autopilot.

What is HawkeAI?

The launch of HawkeAI is a defining moment in Hawke’s mission to make great marketing accessible to all. The platform centralizes data across all major digital marketing platforms in a single view for quick analysis with deep insights. HawkeAI will track performance against your goals and competitors with machine learning while predicting trends. For example, a drop in Facebook Ad performance could be an issue with specific ads or a trend across all of Facebook. HawkeAI will differentiate the two so marketers don’t waste time on the wrong concerns.

“The purpose of HawkeAI is to free business owners to focus on the top priorities across their business that need more time,” said Hawke Media CEO, Erik Huberman. “This tool solves what marketers spend half their time on. Incubated inside one of the top marketing agencies in N.A., a marketers-first approach makes it unlike anything else in the industry.”

How Does It Work?

HawkeAI is the outcome of combining Hawke Media’s data, insights, and product roadmap with Morphio, the recently acquired Canadian-based MarTech platform. “With this resource, we have created an AI-enabled CMO,” said Founder and CEO of Hawke Media, Erik Huberman. “This comes after eight years of collecting data and analytics and six years of heavy software development. The platform enables automation at the marketing strategy level based on thousands of insights in various industries.” 

“Morphio and Hawke Media share a vision to provide actionable insights to marketers,” says Nima Mirbakhsh, the CTO of Morphio. “Morphio has data and insights built into the platform, and Hawke has the years of marketing experience and experts to help brands see the forest through the trees.”

See the Data in Action

Hawke has used the HawkeAI information to compile the Hawke Media October Benchmarking Report for how eCommerce and lead-gen businesses are performing going into BFCM.

Get Started for Free

Hawke Media is offering a two-week free trial of HawkeAI so you can see the instant difference AI technology can make to your marketing strategy. Click here to get started today!

How 3 Companies Transformed Their Marketing Results with Data-Driven Creative

By Andrea Ward, CMO, VidMob

Marketers harnessing the power of data-driven creative remain a step ahead of their competition. Why? Because every creative decision they make is one backed by data. 

We all know by now ads are not a one size fits all solution. When it comes to what we see on social, we know the best work is customized per platform while adhering to brand best practices and channel. With data, you have the insights at your fingertips to put what you know into action. Now advertisers can optimize their ads in the market in real time across platforms. In doing so, they consistently deliver on developing unique, customized content. 

In this guide we look at three unique brands across industries and compare how they use creative data. From Sports Entertainment to Health to Beauty, brands of all kinds are gleaning the value from a data-driven creative strategy.

Read the eBook for a look inside the playbooks of: 

  • Colgate Palmolive
  • Loréal
  • NFL

How to Decrease Stress in the Workplace

By HealthCues

Stress in the workplace is created due to many different factors. Some factors contributing to workplace stress include organizational culture and lack of employer support. By making strides to improve in these areas, employers can provide employees with a work environment that is more productive overall.

Organizational Culture

What is organizational culture? Organizational culture reflects the identity of an organization and is the culmination of values, practices, behaviors, and forms of communication that the members of an organization share (Wood, 2017). Some components of organizational culture include vocabulary, stories, rites and rituals. Positive organizational culture has the ability to create a strong and supportive community. Negative organizational culture, however, has the potential to create a stressful work environment. When practices such as using positive language in the workplace and community traditions are implemented, a less stressful organizational culture will emerge.

Lack of Employer Support

As humans, we have an innate desire to feel supported. This can look like being supported emotionally, physically, spiritually and even professionally. When employees feel valued and supported by their employers, they are more likely to place that same value on the company. Thus, improving employee morale, retention, and productivity while decreasing the amount of stress in a workplace.

How can employers support their employees?

One way that employers can support employees is by providing supplemental health insurance. Supplementary benefits are additional insurance policies that fill the gaps left by basic medical coverage in the event that a person is involved in an accident or becomes critically ill. Companies can show their support for their employees by providing supplementary benefits.

Additionally, employers can show their support to their employees by providing them with preventative healthcare plans. Preventative healthcare includes regular doctor visits and access to screenings to prevent or detect critical illnesses. Preventative healthcare is a potentially life-saving service; providing this service to employees increases a company’s overall sense of support.

In conclusion, organizational culture and employer support are essential when it comes to creating a less stressful atmosphere within the workplace. Employers can show their employees support by offering access to supplemental health insurance and preventative healthcare. When employees do not have to worry about how they will pay for these additional healthcare services, stress in the workplace decreases, resulting in increased company morale and overall productivity.

Ware Malcomb Project Awarded 2022 Oshawa Urban Design Award Of Excellence By City Of Oshawa

Ware Malcomb, an award-winning international design firm, announced one of its projects, 1121 and 1147 Thornton Road South, has been awarded the 2022 Oshawa Urban Design Award of Excellence by the City of Oshawa.

The project consists of two multi-unit industrial buildings designed for Panattoni Development Company Canada. The buildings, totaling more than 630,000 square feet are situated on a 27-acre site at 1121 and 1147 Thornton Road South, in Oshawa, Ontario.

“We are proud to have worked closely with Panattoni Development to design innovative, flexible structures that support employee wellbeing and are a source of pride for this city. said Frank Di Roma, Principal for Ware Malcomb. “We are in good company on this year’s list and congratulate all the winners.”

With a focus on occupant wellbeing and comfort, the design ensures natural light flows into the warehouses through large, punched out windows. The rear building loading docks feature covered canopies that provide shelter from the natural elements. Drive-in doors and mechanical louvers allow natural air to flow through the warehouses. To create an environment that is accessible and useable by all, all entrances have barrier-free access and on-site bike racks to accommodate cyclists.

The development’s modern exterior design features a blend of white precast ribbed panels that includes curtain walls and ACM panels at the main entrances and midpoint of the building. The main entrances have a controlled blend of massing between the ACM panels and curtain walls. The building exterior features bronze, deep blue and silver ACM paired with bronze spandrel panels and bronze vision glass. The land between the two buildings was maximized with the creation of a functional shared courtyard for loading docks and trailer parking that is screened from the main road.

To boost energy efficiency, the buildings feature white roofs, precast panels made with a blend of recycled concrete, LED wall/packs, LED poles and a full sprinkler system. The site is enhanced by drought-resistant landscape design that reduces water consumption.

The 2022 Urban Design Award of Excellence awards, hosted by the City of Oshawa, celebrate projects that show excellent design and enhance Oshawa’s image. They acknowledge the contributions that architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, developers, and builders make to Oshawa’s appearance and quality of life. Eleven local projects were honored as 2022 winners and the list can be viewed here.

About Ware Malcomb (waremalcomb.com)

Established in 1972, Ware Malcomb is a contemporary and expanding full service design firm providing professional architecture, planning, interior design, civil engineering, branding and building measurement services to corporate, commercial/residential developer and public/institutional clients throughout the world. With office locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, the firm specializes in the design of commercial office, corporate, industrial, science & technology, healthcare, retail, auto, public/institutional facilities and renovation projects. Ware Malcomb is recognized as an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company and a Hot Firm by Zweig Group. The firm is also ranked among the top 30 architecture/engineering firms in Engineering News-Record’s Top 500 Design Firms and the top 30 interior design firms in Interior Design magazine’s Top 100 Giants. For more information, visit http://www.waremalcomb.com/news and view Ware Malcomb’s Brand Video at youtube.com/waremalcomb.

Jacqueline Adler Named Director of Wealth Planning at Spinnaker Investment Group

20-year financial industry veteran Jackie Adler has joined Spinnaker Investment Group as Director of Wealth Planning, announced Morgan Christen, CEO and Chief Investment Officer. In her new role, Adler will develop personalized financial planning strategies for the firm’s clients, with a special focus on advising women on achieving their financial goals.  She will continue to service her clientele in both Arizona and New York.

“We are delighted to have Jackie join our team,” Christen said. “Her leadership and deep commitment to empowering women make for a perfect fit with our team, our client base and our community. 

Adler specializes in holistic financial planning, wealth management, protection strategies and multigenerational planning. As a CFP® practitioner, she has worked at some of the world’s top financial institutions including Mass Mutual, TIAA, Fidelity Investments and Mercer Global Advisors. 

Her passion for helping women during major life transitions compelled her to attain the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA) designation, which allows her to act as a financial advocate throughout divorce proceedings and help women move forward with a sound plan and purpose. 

Jackie earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management and currently serves on the board of the National Council of Jewish Women. 

Recognized as one of Orange County’s fastest-growing privately owned small businesses, Spinnaker Investment Group currently has over $500 million in assets under management. The firm’s approach to client success is to combine carefully researched wealth management guidance and a wealth of human capital, with a style that is both ‘high-touch’ and ‘high-tech.’  

Spinnaker serves a broad customer base throughout Southern California, as well as many clients throughout the United States. An independent practice that does not represent a specific company, bank or Wall Street institution, Spinnaker confidently and autonomously advises clients with individually tailored financial strategies designed to achieve financial independence. The firm’s services include Financial Planning, Wealth Planning, Retirement Planning, Asset Management, Securities and Insurance. For more information, visit www.SpinnInvest.com

Helio Genomics Receives “Company of the Year” Award from Frost & Sullivan 

Acknowledging Helio’s potential to revolutionize liver cancer early detection.

Helio Genomics, the company behind the HelioLiver Test, has been awarded “North American Company of the Year in Liver Cancer Early Detection with Liquid Biopsy” by Frost and Sullivan. 

Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year Award is its top honor. It recognizes the market participant that exemplifies innovation, performance, and unrivaled customer care. Before giving the award, Frost & Sullivan analysts assess: 

  • How the company addresses unmet needs
  • Visionary scenarios through megatrends
  • Leadership focus
  • Financial performance
  • Best practices implementation 
  • Price/performance value 
  • Brand equity 
  • And more

Helio’s vision centers on detecting cancer early to save lives and improve treatment options. It connects domain and operational knowledge with technology to help individuals check for cancer quickly, early, and often – giving them the best chance at not only survival, but access to curative treatment options. 

The company’s scientific team employs a multi-dimensional approach, leveraging AI and machine learning to recognize distinctive and proprietary DNA signatures. They then combine these signatures with protein biomarkers to predict cancer presence as early as Stage I, where patients still have access to curative treatment options.. 

Helio Genomic’s unique integration of multi-modal and multi-omics data generates deeper and richer biological insights. This can provide essential knowledge on how cancer exists and evolves, advancing precision medicine to guide diagnosis, treatment guidance, and disease monitoring. 

The flagship product, HelioLiverTM, is a multi-analyte blood test for the early detection of liver cancer. It leverages the company’s novel technology platform for analyzing  cell-free DNA methylation patterns and serum protein markers to detect early-stage hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) from a simple blood draw. By being easy to use, accessible, more sensitive than traditional blood tests that only use a single marker, HelioLiver can change the dynamic of the liver cancer landscape and flip the scales from late to early diagnosis.

“Detecting cancer early is the key to defeating it,” says Helio Genomics CEO, Justin Li. “Many screening methods are inconvenient, expensive, and unclear. Our goal is to make finding cancer as easy as a simple blood draw. Every patient deserves the best possible chance at beating their disease – and that’s what we’re giving them.” 

Frost & Sullivan believes Helio is in a prime position to drive liver cancer early detection with liquid biopsy and become a leader in the LBx (liquid biopsy) market in the coming years.

“HelioLiver provides richer biological data than competing technologies, delivering greater test sensitivity and specificity,” Says Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Research Analyst, Supriya Lala. “Simultaneously, by enabling early cancer detection, the test eliminates the potential need for expensive therapies and diagnostics (at late-stage detection), lowering the overall cost burden of the healthcare economy.” 

About Helio Genomics 

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Irvine, California, Helio Genomics is a cancer diagnostics technology and tests developer. The company focuses on developing and advancing cutting-edge AI-enabled technologies to detect and screen cancer at its earliest stage. To learn more, please visit https://heliogenomics.com/.