TV Liquidator Signs and Kiosks in Schools Everywhere

Schools play an extremely important role in shaping our world. This is the place where the next generation of adults are groomed, and the communities of our future are formed. One of the most daunting tasks in education today is ensuring that there is proper communication among all parties involved. With so many teachers, students, and parents to keep up with, things can get overwhelming. TV Liquidator has been supplying electronic message boards and kiosks to schools all across the US and Canada to help bridge the gap in communication.

Many variations of message boards have been produced throughout the years to help build awareness in schools. Electronic message boards have naturally become the most popular option due to their versatility and cost effectiveness. TV Liquidator is known for providing signage for schools on any budget. This is done by offering wholesale prices directly to the consumer. They believe that every business and organization, regardless of size, deserves to have the same access to industrial grade signage as their more affluent peers.

The best part about a TV Liquidator sign, is that you don’t sacrifice functionality for the price. They have a variety of signs that can be programmed in different ways that are all extremely simple. Each of their reps work closely with the school to ensure that they receive a sign that is dialed in perfectly for their specific needs. Recipients of their signs will also receive free training under their unlimited tech support. They want to ensure that customers truly understand their product inside and out. In no time at all schools are broadcasting events, meetings, advertisements and more to their communities.

Schools have also used TV Liquidator’s Touchscreen Computer Kiosks for various tasks that increase efficiency. Barcode scanners have been added to make the accounting of student attendance a breeze. Libraries use them to more easily navigate and locate books that are available. Their kiosks can even be used in the cafeteria for quick payments and weekly menu displays. Since their kiosks are based off of a Windows 10 operating system, the possibilities are endless. Wireless and hard-wired network connections make this extremely easy for any IT department to integrate and regulate the use of these kiosks as well! With such flexibility and security, this product is seeing a steady rise in popularity.

Overall, TV Liquidator provides a variety of amazing products to enhance the overall school experience. Everything from getting patrons to check out the latest events, to checking students into class can be made one seamless process. Here is a list of schools, colleges and other TV Liquidator customers in every state and Canada.

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New video series from ViewSonic focuses on collaboration tech and more

ViewSonic Vision

A new seven-part video series from ViewSonic highlights best practices around collaboration and large interactive display products, as well as leadership tips from ViewSonic’s president of Americas, as well as Sean Conrad, chief executive officer of the Internet Marketing Association.

“Across enterprise, education and commercial markets, our customers are accelerating their digital transformation agendas, adopting new cloud-enabled technologies and solutions that support today’s collaborative workspaces,” said Volpe. “As demand for interactive display technology continues to expand, ViewSonic and its partners will be at the forefront as the solutions company dedicated to advancing the ways that people collaborate, create and communicate.”

The global interactive display market projected to grow from US$8.9 billion in 2018 to US$13.9 billion by 2024, with a big chunk of that growth happening in North America.

Topics covered in the video series include:

• Collaboration in Enterprise and Education – digitizing group learning; enhancing delivery to inspire students; efficiency, communication and focus in the workspace; common cause and organizational goals

• Digital Transformation and Solutions Orientation – leveraging core organizational DNA; synergizing product innovation and teams; digitizing the business to meet change; engaging teams in a bright future; creating a problem-solving, customer-centric ecosystem

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Cerna Healthcare Launches New Health and Safety Wearable for Seniors

Cerna Healthcare

Irvine, California based Cerna Healthcare, a provider of senior care services has released “Onhand Assistance.” Onhand Assistance is a smartwatch for seniors, enabling them to age in place safely and affordably. Onhand Assistance was developed for seniors living alone and their concerned family members who worry about them. The stylish wearable device provides fall detection, fall notification, vitals monitoring, cellular communication, and medication reminders – in addition to life saving calls and care.

Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. Seniors home alone are prone to dangers like falling and medical emergencies, or they may need some type of assistance. Onhand Assistance helps lessen the need for expensive personal caregivers and avoids time consuming ambulance trips to the hospital due to false alarms. Family members monitor their loved one through the Onhand Assistance smartphone app. Seniors, their friends and their families benefit by being better connected inexpensively and effectively.

Cerna Healthcare’s Founder & CEO Nick Payzant (also a founding IEC member) explains, “There are many devices on the market for seniors that contact a call center with the push of a button. However, there are none combining cell phone features, auto fall detection, automatic calling, medication reminders, vitals monitoring and GPS location monitoring. Onhand Assistance sends family members alerts via the smartphone app. It also calls and dispatches a senior care professional (not a call center employee that may have no experience with senior care) who can administer a full range of care services at home or can help determine if emergency personnel is needed.”

Cerna Home Care knows firsthand that seniors want a discrete solution that doesn’t look like a medical alert device. Seniors also want the option to reach people they know that can come to their home if needed, as opposed to a call center where a stranger doesn’t have any familiarity with them and only option is calling 911.

Onhand Assistance Features:

• Fall detection and Automatic SOS Alert
• SOS Distress Button
• Two-way Calling
• GPS Tracking and History Displacement
• Heart Rate Monitor
• Medication reminders
• Safe Zone Set-up
• Push Button Family Calling

“The Onhand Assistance smartwatch solution fills the gaps in today’s wearable medical alert devices. In caring for the elderly, we listened to family members, care recipients, hospitals and rehab centers asking for a more robust way to be connected and safe,” said Payzant.

Insights from Keenan

Bringing Work Home

We’ve all done it… we’ve brought work home… didn’t intend to, but hearing that new email arrival ping, like Pavlov’s dog, it makes our fingers twitch and we reach for the device to see who needs us. This can become a habit, one that can conflict with our mental health and family time. Whether you have a dedicated office in your home, a kitchen table or the sofa, pay attention to the ergonomic set up for work you do outside of the office.

Work Surface Height

If you find yourself consistently bringing work home, choose a dedicated area to set up ergonomically. Place your device at a height where elbows are level with the spacebar of the keyboard. This becomes difficult when using a tablet or laptop because of the screen height. If using a laptop for extended periods (over 30 minutes), elevate the device on two reams of paper or a monitor riser and use an external keyboard and external mouse. If your couch is your comfort haven for work after hours, place a pillow on your lap under the device to elevate the screen a bit and open the monitor portion to a wider angle for more comfortable viewing.

Posture Follows Vision

Whether checking emails on your phone, tablet or laptop, if the screen is below eye level, your head will follow your vision. Lock your elbows into your side and view the phone screen by bending your elbows and bringing the device up towards your head. If sending emails or texts on your smart phone, use the ‘talk-to-text” microphone feature and dictate your message to reduce neck bending and texting thumb. Using a headset, whether Bluetooth or earbud cords, prevents a stiff neck. Be sure you look the text over before you send because of that pesky ‘auto correct’ feature!

Have a Decent Chair

A card-table chair isn’t ergonomic, no matter how many pads you place on the seat. Find an office chair that is comfortable, easily adjustable and rolls up to that kitchen table. The office chair may not be appropriate for dinnertime, but it will make conducting business from home more comfortable. Remember to sit back against the backrest and avoid the temptation to slouch. You’ve already worked an 8- to 10-hour day. So, if your posture starts hunching, it’s time to put your phone or computer to bed for the night.

Keep Moving

Keep track of the amount of sitting you do throughout the day. There is ‘occupational’ sitting and ‘leisure’ sitting. Occupational sitting is the sitting time at work, at your computing device. Leisure time sitting is after work, while binge-watching your favorite TV series, reading a book, candy crushing, etc. Are there health risks only with occupational sitting? There are health risks from the total amount of combined sitting done in the day (at work and at home). Change your posture often and remember that your best position is your NEXT position. Switch tasks, get up and go speak to a coworker, set the timer on your device to remind you to get up, or alternate sitting with standing.

Studies on the health effects from TOTAL sitting time are raising concerns over our sedentary work habits and lifestyle (Rempel, 2018). For those of us who fidget, research is showing that it may be a protective factor for cardiovascular health because our legs are moving and that increases circulation.


If you consistently bring work home, be sure you have an ergonomically comfortable place to do your homework. Be aware of your habit to compulsively check the phone after work and try to restore more balance in your life. Make it a point to get up and move often throughout the day, at work and at home. No matter where you are, your body was meant to be active. So, take the opportunity to get up and move at least every 30 minutes.

About Kathy Espinoza

Kathy is Keenan’s ergonomist and conference speaker, authoring numerous articles on ergonomics, injury prevention and management issues that have an impact on Keenan clients.

Advice from the Lady on the Leaderboard

Rommel Team

How do you become the number one producer at a top-ranking lender, surpass $100 million in production during your short tenure, grow your team, and raise a family?

Meet Kendra Rommel.

Kendra Rommel, Sr. Account Executive at Civic Financial Services, has spent her career providing simplified lending solutions for her clients. In addition to being the number one residential producer at CIVIC for 2019, Rommel also recently reached a lending milestone at the company, funding over $100 million in volume since joining the private money lender in 2016. She has subsequently been inducted into CIVIC’s “Million Dollar Club,” recognizing the select few individuals who have achieved this coveted and well-deserved accolade.

In a traditionally male-dominated industry, Rommel attributes much of her success to hard work and investing in partnerships – working off of referrals for 23 years. Her book of business, including investors and brokers alike, has expanded so much so that she has created The Rommel Team, consisting of two additional Account Executives and a designated operations team to support continued growth.

While $100 million is a huge milestone for Rommel, her ultimate goal is to inspire others and leave a positive mark on the world. A proud mother of two and a committed athlete, Rommel strives to be the best version of herself so she can continue to encourage others to do the same. With a positive, humble, and tireless attitude, she has proven this recipe for success to be true as she continues to wow her clients, and dominate the leaderboard.

We wanted to learn more about Rommel and the powerhouse producer that she has become, so we got down to business to get the inside scoop:

• How long have you been in the mortgage industry? Since 1996 (right out of high school!)

• What do you love most about this business? I love the fast pace & opportunity that this industry brings.

• What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement has been raising my children.

• What inspires you the most? I am inspired by creative, kind-hearted, humble, risk-taking ENTREPRENEURS, and my children! My children inspire me the MOST!

• What geographical areas do you specialize in? CA, NV, AZ, UT, TX

• What does success mean to you? Success to me is many things! Raising healthy-minded, grounded, spirit-filled, humble children who see the value in contributing to their communities and society. Remaining healthy by keeping my mind and body a priority. Consistently growing while inspiring others so that there is a positive impact and/or legacy long after I leave the planet.

• What do you think is the key to success? I don’t have a magic formula for success as I don’t feel I have “arrived”; however, the success I have gained to date I attribute to hard work and lots of sacrifices. Being prepared, having knowledge about my message and my product, remaining humble, and grinding every day .

• What sets you apart from other loan originators? My operations background. I have rolled up my sleeves at various points of the process, so knowing how to package and structure a file is a huge advantage. AND HUSTLE! I work hard. I answer my phone. I wake up every day and act broke … and no one wants to be broke.

• What quote do you live by/is your life philosophy? “Everything is a season.”

• What would we find surprising to learn about you? What you see is what you get! I love sports and value the necessity of fitness. I have been doing CrossFit for over 8 years as a part of my daily routine. My family and I ride dirt bikes, camp, fish, hike. We spend most of the year in the desert, river, and/or the mountains in our motorhome. At the age of 14 years old I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, which led to many obstacles and self-journey. Although no one likes being ill, I would not have changed anything. Having a life-changing illness has given me a perspective and appreciation for life that I don’t feel I could have gained from any other experience. Health is a gift and no one is guaranteed a clean bill or another day. It also reminds me PEOPLE ARE IMPORTANT. The ones we love and appreciate should be shown and told regularly!

• What advice do you have for other leading ladies in the real estate industry? 1. Remain healthy so you can be the best version of yourself, every day. It gets challenging, especially as a mother, but prioritizing your mind and your body for your health’s sake is a must! 2. Don’t tip-toe or be apologetic. Be straightforward and get what you need. 3. Find trust in delegating. At first, it might be difficult to let go, but embrace it, lead, grow, and inspire!

Rommel attests that real estate investing can often be complex, especially when it comes to financing, but private money lending provides a unique alternative for acquiring investment properties. In comparison to conventional lending, private money lending offers advantages and solutions that some people don’t even realize exist. This includes faster closing times (sometimes as quickly as 7 days) and requiring bank statements/stated income only (as compared to providing a gamut of W2s or income tax documents).

“At the end of the day, it’s all about being a great partner,” says Rommel. “It’s what I love so much about working at CIVIC. The trust and support available to me every day enables my team to grow and serves as the reasons why our partners trust us to be a reliable source for them.”

To learn more about Civic Financial Services and how The Rommel Team can support your real estate investment needs, click here or visit

Kendra Rommel Sr. Account Executive & Top Producer 2019 Civic Financial Services

Ken Berrick, Chief Executive Officer, Seneca Family Of Agencies


Ken Berrick is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Seneca Family of Agencies, a nonprofit agency with the mission to help children and families through the most difficult times of their lives.

In the mid 1980s, Ken was working at a local residential facility for youth whose severe emotional and behavioral challenges had resulted in removal from their homes. When this facility contemplated shutting its doors in 1985 in response to increasingly disruptive youth behaviors, he banded together with a small group of like-minded individuals to develop a new option. Rather than entertain the idea that these youth would experience yet another displacement that would keep them further isolated from their communities, the group founded Seneca as a small residential program into which the youth were welcomed regardless of the behaviors that had made their previous placement untenable.

From that day on, Seneca set out to develop services on the principle that youth do not themselves fail, but are instead failed by systems unable to address their specialized needs. Today, Seneca remains committed to the belief that all youth are capable of success when their unique needs and experiences are honored. The agency’s expanded continuum of care now includes education, mental health, foster/adoption, and juvenile justice services across 17 counties in California and Washington State. Specializing in serving the most vulnerable clients, Seneca has vast experience responding to a variety of needs including mental health challenges, substance abuse, relational challenges, and exposure to trauma such as abuse, loss, neglect, and the chronic stress associated with living in disadvantaged neighborhoods impacted by generational patterns of poverty and community and interpersonal violence. Seneca’s Southern California programs provide education, permanency/adoption, and mental health services throughout Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino Counties. Altogether, these services reach nearly 2,000 young people and their families each year.

For the last 35 years Seneca has been privileged to support thousands of children and families because of our dedicated community of supporters. If you would like to join the Seneca family, there are two upcoming opportunities for you, your company, or your family to get involved.

Join #TeamSeneca On Saturday, May 2nd at the OC Fairgrounds to run a 5K to Foster Unconditional Care. It’s a great family-friendly way to involved and grow awareness for the cause. Or perhaps your company is interested in a team-building activity that supports the local community? For more information go to

All IEC members are invited to attend Seneca’s Forever Families Gala on November 7th, 2020 at the Balboa Bay Resort. The Forever Families Gala is a celebration of Seneca’s success in creating permanent families. While the national average of adoptions remaining permanent is 75%, through Seneca’s Unconditional Care© model, 100% of adoptions in Southern California have remained permanent! For sponsorship opportunities or ticket information, please contact Carly Visbal at

For more information about Seneca, visit

Enplug Digital Signage Software Expands Workplace Collaboration with New Zoom Video Conferencing Capabilities


Popular Video Conferencing Tool Now Available on Enplug Digital Signage Networks

Enplug, a leading cloud-based digital signage software provider, now makes it possible to broadcast Zoom video conferences via Enplug’s digital signage platform. Enplug’s new Zoom App is freely available to Enplug users via the company’s App Market.

“Opening up digital signage to the Zoom ecosystem greatly expands Zoom’s capabilities by allowing large-scale streaming to a vaster audience of internal and external meeting attendees, and helps organizations better utilize their entire AV infrastructure to foster a more productive workplace through better communication,” said Nanxi Liu, CEO of Enplug. “Zoom has quickly become ubiquitous in the workplace, yet collaboration has traditionally been limited to workers on their computers, phones or mobile devices. Our Zoom App pushes this collaboration into a new medium that will benefit workplace productivity in a significant way.”

Enplug’s cloud-based digital signage software empowers businesses to manage content across multiple displays from a single dashboard. With powerful enterprise features and an easy-to-use design, Enplug is the innovative solution to scale visual communications. Leading global companies in banking, education, retail, energy and more depend on Enplug for seamless marketing and internal communications experiences.

Enplug’s new Zoom App streamlines the process of broadcasting live events and presentations to multiple screens. Common applications include:

Immediate Livestream

From within Enplug’s Zoom App, users simply create a new meeting which then generates a unique Zoom URL for that particular meeting. Once the host joins the conference, all screens connected to the Enplug digital signage network automatically join the video conference. To conclude the conference, the host ends the meeting within the Zoom App and all endpoints then disconnect from the conference and revert to regularly scheduled content.

Broadcast a Scheduled Meeting

Joining a Zoom meeting that’s already scheduled is as simple as pasting a previously scheduled Zoom meeting URL into the Enplug dashboard. Similar to an immediate livestream, the video conference can then be displayed on any screen within a user’s digital signage network.

Using the Zoom App to instantly reach a broad audience opens up near-endless possibilities for Enplug users. Possible corporate scenarios include company executives sharing quarterly financial results, or leading all-hands meetings with teams in offices across the country. Benefits extend well beyond the workplace into other institutional applications, such as education. For example, school faculty can use the Zoom App to greet students at the start of a new school year with a welcome address delivered across classrooms and campuses.

“Relentless” Screening at Tangram Interiors

Attention Los Angeles business leaders. You are invited to a special showing of Marty O’Connor’s award-nominated short-film documentary, “Relentless.”

At the beautiful Tangram Interiors office space in Downtown LA, guests will be provided with cocktails, gourmet food, networking, and a Q&A session with both Marty and filmmaker Shelby Thompson.

Join us for this epic showcase, as Marty’s story is catching fire (fresh from showing at Sundance Film Festival) and is sure to inspire you to “strive against adversity”!

Thurs., Feb. 27, 2020
5:00 Cocktails and Networking
6:00 Introduction
6:15 Screening
6:40 Q&A

Tangram DTLA
527 W. 7th St., Ste. 1204
Los Angeles, CA 90014

SEER Symposium

Join the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School 2020 SEER Symposium on Fri., Feb. 28, and learn from industry thought leaders on the future of sustainable business. This year’s theme, The New Purpose of Business, will explore the integral role business plays in society and how leaders can implement a holistic, “both/and” concept of leadership.

Hear from:

• Rob Bikel, MBA ’11, Director, SEER Program
• Michael Crooke, former CEO, Patagonia, SEER Founder
• Victor Cho, CEO, Evite
• Michelle Dunstan, Global Head of Responsible Investing & Portfolio Manager, Alliance Bernstein
• Jeanne Holm, Deputy CIO, City of Los Angeles
• Andrea Chase, Director of Corporate Responsibility & Social Impact, Arbonne
• Brandi Harleaux, MBA ’12, COO, South Post Oak Recycling Center
• Joe Pickard, Chief Economist, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

As a promotional sponsor of the event, the IMA was able to secure extended early bird ticket pricing for the event at a discount of $50. There is limited space remaining, so register today to hear from the renowned list of speakers who are actively changing the trajectory of business.

To apply for the discounted IMA members rate, select the “General Registration” ticket type. Enter the information requested to register for the event. Before submitting your credit card, enter code early bird and click on the green “Apply” button. This code will reduce the full-priced ticket by $50 (the early bird rate).

Calling All Educators and Youth Advocates – A Message from Leah Ersoylu

Leah Ersoylu

A Message from Leah Ersoylu

First, THANK YOU for your work to support our kids — at all levels. I am inspired by your commitment to a seemingly endless fight. I am a product of public schools and universities, and I want to support my daughter, as well as the other nearly 20,000 kids in Newport-Mesa Unified.

I am running for NMUSD Trustee, Area 1 in November 2020.

We need to have qualified leadership ready to support our kids from cradle to career. The well-intentioned old guard in Newport-Mesa has failed too many of our kids for too long. As a result, families have fled our district — especially my area, Zone 1 — to Huntington Beach and private schools. This has a negative effect on our sense of community here in Costa Mesa.

This election can be catalytic for our kids if we can win! NMUSD Board suffers from a simple lack a diversity in life experiences. Given that our district is 56% non-white and 45% socio-economically disadvantaged, we must have more diversity in leadership.

I’ve already done the work to secure the NMFT endorsement, demonstrating I am the teachers’ choice. I’m receiving new endorsements daily from community leaders and elected officials who understand the importance of this race.

As an evaluation and planning professional, I have had the opportunity to work on youth development, education and ECE projects and policies over the past 20 years — bringing best practices, research and innovative strategies to bear on the sector. As a member of Costa Mesa’s Parks and Recreation Commission, I was able to ensure after-school programming for kids was expanded to support families on non-school days. As a member of the Housing & Public Services Grants Committee, I was able to bring outcome measurement tools to support applicants in their program planning. When I served as the Policy Director at Latino Health Access, I worked to ensure that policies and systems supported the health and well-being of children and families not only in Santa Ana, but across the County.

I have a long track record of not only fighting for the right things, but also supporting like-minded candidates on their first runs (many of you on this list!). Now, I am compelled to run — and I can’t do it without your help!



PARTICIPATE Tag on Facebook @ersoylu4newportmesakids it helps to get lots of “likes” and comments on social media! Or, sign up to volunteer at

SHARE Forward this email to your friends who want to see Newport-Mesa excel! Let them know you endorse me (you can fill the check-box on the donation page to be listed as an endorsement).

I am focusing my time on community-building, by having in-home coffees with neighbors across my district and knocking doors of every voter. I value your time and I won’t be asking for you to attend high-priced fundraisers or events. My events are going to be neighborhood specific. As such, my fundraising is focused online, in emails and texts like this one.