Webinar Hosted by Oracle and IMA Available for On-Demand Replay

Topic: Tech Explosion and Customer Behavior

A one-hour webinar addressing the combined impact of the technology explosion and rapidly evolving customer behaviors was presented by Melissa Boxer, Vice President, Oracle CRM Products. Melissa addressed the topic from several angles including the shift from transactions to engagement across all touchpoints and channels, three strategies for transforming the customer, and case histories of how leading companies are addressing these challenges.

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Internet Marketing Association Hosts First Advocacy Visit to Washington

Key Technology Issues To Be Addressed

The Internet Marketing Association (IMA) will host its inaugural advocacy visit to Washington, DC, April 23-25, 2013. A delegation of CEOs, CMOs and other top executives will participate in seminars and meetings with key decision makers, focusing on matters of critical importance to IMA members.

Seminars and other events will be held at the historic Hay Adams hotel. The group will move to Capitol Hill for a series of visits with policy makers to discuss ways that IMA can help drive forward policies in key areas such as technology and cyber security. Meetings will include the Pentagon, Department of Justice, White House officials, Congressional members, senators and others.

Guest Blogging Can Help Grow Your Presence Online

DOT Report: Internet Marketing Association

Guest blog posting has become very popular and is one of the most effective strategies for increasing your blog readership. Guest posting means simply writing or publishing articles on someone else’s blog or website. It is a very effective way to reach out to new readers and popularize your website. It also include allowing other bloggers to post on your blog or website as well as.

One of the biggest advantages of guest posting is that it can help you develop relationships with other bloggers. Bloggers always require good content. If you can add some value to someone else’s blog through your content, you are surely going to develop and build a good relationship with them. Finding good friends in other bloggers will help you grow your brand in the world of social media.

With guest posting, you can also be introduced to new communities by sharing your posts or messages. If you carry on your role of a guest blogger properly, over the time you will gain fans, followers and more loyal readers. But you must to patient and tactful in your efforts. For example, don’t blatantly promote your products to increase sales.

Guest postings also act as a boon for search engines since host bloggers include a link to your blog which, over the time, will be beneficial. The backlinks that you receive from the posting will make it easier for you to get noticed in search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo and others.

Guest posting is always an advantage if you are planning to grow your blog or website and boost your reputation in the Internet world. If you are not satisfied with the flow of traffic to your blog or website, you should start guest posting to other websites or blogs and see your influence grow online.

Past, Present and Future of Web Content Management

Source: Adobe Marketing Cloud

As web content management (WCM) represents a link between the fast evolving web technology space and the need for large organizations to leverage the web as a communication channel, WCM operates at the junction of very high tension.

Not only is there the need for large, slow enterprise organizations to operate in an extremely dynamic technology environment but, even within the enterprise, WCM provides the link and a shared platform between the business and IT.

This is particularly interesting since every organization internally tries to hide away in their respective silos. This works well most of the time, but it does not work on a public-facing website where the entire universe of an enterprise is visible and just one click away for the surfer. Any misalignment within the enterprise organization bubbles up to the surface and is exposed to the world.

The three mega trends of mobile, cloud and social have material, irrevocable impact on the WCM space and strongly suggest material changes to how we perceive the WCM space and what our implicit requirements for a WCM stack are.

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Certified Internet Marketer (CIM) Offers Unique Credential

Six Modules Cover All the Bases

The IMA Certified Internet Marketer (CIM) professional certification program provides participants with the foundational Internet marketing education needed to succeed in today’s fast-changing online business environment.

The certification course is divided into six lesson areas, culminating in a final exam to certify Internet marketing knowledge, including:

• Overview of Internet Marketing
• Online Acquisition
• Online Conversion
• Online Retention
• Online Analytics & Measurement
• Data-Driven Marketing

Participants learn from experienced Internet marketing practitioners who draw on decades of combined experience at pioneering companies such as Microsoft, Omniture, Adobe, Foresee, Ancestry.com and others. The roster of instructors includes senior marketing leaders as well as a published author on web analytics sharing their expertise to provide participants with highly sought-after information delivered with the ease and convenience of an online learning platform.

The intuitive, user-friendly system includes clear instructions for navigating the site, reviewing lesson presentations, and taking quizzes and the final certification exam. Lessons can be viewed via online streaming as well as PDF in a convenient, self-paced sequence. Other features include a personalized events calendar, recent activities and alerts to fully engage the online course participant.

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IMA 2012 Conference Wrap UP and Post Conference Feedback

The IMA 2012 Conference and Awards event was a great success, but we are always striving to make our conferences better for our attendees and sponsors. To that end, we sent out a customized online survey to collect feedback after the conference. We received both high praise and some constructive criticism on how to further enhance the experience.

The best news is that, of those who responded to the survey, more the 90% said they would recommend the IMA Annual Conference to a colleague. Also scoring very high were the facilities and location, and that’s great news since we’ll be back at Aria for IMPACT13!

We also received individual scores for keynote and breakout sessions and were able to share some of your comments directly with our IMA partners on both content and presentation styles.

Thanks to all of you who participated. We take this feedback very seriously and will dedicate ourselves to putting on an even more valuable conference in 2013.

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New kmIMPACT Publishing Solution Bridges Print and Digital Domains

Knowledge Marketing Offers Integrated Approach

Knowledge Marketing has introduced kmIMPACT (Integrated Marketing Platform Advertiser Connection Technology). kmIMPACT is a web-based solution designed to help publishers transform their print-centric business to meet the digital publishing demands of today’s marketplace.

Unlike complicated, programmer-managed database tools, kmIMPACT uses an intuitive, web-friendly browser developed by Knowledge Marketing that lets publishers access their audience databases to drive incremental revenue, improve collaboration with key clients and launch new marketing services with ease. A publisher’s sales and marketing team, and even select advertisers, can access enhanced views of the consolidated audience to increase advertising revenue and improve campaign performance and growth in billable marketing services.

“Having gigabytes of client data is one thing. Actually accessing the information and using it to create new revenue streams is the premise of kmIMPACT,” said Duane Crandall, founder and CEO. “We help publishers embrace the digital world by placing comprehensive audience demographics as well as contextual and behavioral information in an easy-to-use, online-accessible source. Users can create new direct sales opportunities, like highly targeted email marketing campaigns, with lightning speed. Other marketing services opportunities, including lead generation, research and campaign planning, can also be created to diversify revenue streams.”

Building on the company’s proprietary Enterprise Communication Network (ECN) solution, kmIMPACT accesses the audience management and cross-channel marketing strengths of ECN to provide publishers with a private, highly customized web portal that serves up their own unique consensus audience database anytime, anywhere. Sales teams are quickly trained to use the web interface so they can effectively access the database and create meaningful queries to share in real-time with clients and prospects.

Since its launch, kmIMPACT has helped key advertisers, marketers and sales representatives access select views of a consolidated audience, promote collaboration, increase advertising revenue, improve campaign performance and grow billable marketing services.

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Adobe Targets Transformation of Digital Marketing via Cloud

Creative Plus Analytics Means ROI

Adobe Systems is bringing the cloud and “big data” to digital marketing, CEO Shantanu Narayen told CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street.”

“We’ve positioned ourselves as the big data company for marketers,” the Adobe executive said. “As hundreds of billions of dollars move online, we’re the company that helps create that content, deliver that content and help monetize that content.”

Narayen added that the next generation of marketing will leverage existing creative content, but it must be based on data analysis to improve return on investment. “We process over 6 trillion transactions with respect to analytics,” he said. “Our data platform grew over 100 percent year on year. We think the others are coming after Adobe.”

This push into data analytics puts Adobe into direct competition with other enterprise software companies like Salesforce.com and Oracle. But Narayen told CNBC that Adobe is already the leader in the creative industry.

Adobe is also embracing cloud computing. “We’re trying to reimagine the creative process with the move to the creative cloud,” Narayen said. “It enables us to attract a whole new set of customers, and we can innovate at a rapid pace.”

“We’re driving where digital marketing needs to be,” he added.

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Competitive Intelligence Offering Drives Strategic Marketing Programs

Yesmail Interactive Provides Holiday Report and Webinar

To demonstrate the capabilities of its Market Intelligence 2.0 competitive intelligence tool, Yesmail Interactive has produced “Consumer Online Behavior Report: Developing Informed Digital Marketing Strategies for Holiday Success.” And a free webinar on consumer behavior will be offered on Nov. 14 (see below).

As the holiday season approaches and marketers strive to meet lofty fourth-quarter sales goals, this report provides insights on how mobile devices, social media promotions and email offers will influence shoppers.

Marketers have an ever-growing arsenal of resources to help them develop, implement and analyze their marketing campaigns. So what makes digital competitive intelligence critical in defining a brand’s marketing strategy?

As multi-channel marketing continues to evolve and yield increasing ROI, digital competitive intelligence enables marketers to:

  • Measure how email marketing drives social media engagement
  • Evaluate real-time campaign performance metrics against their competitive set and the broader market average
  • Draw inspiration from competitors’ promotions, creative, campaign deployment tactics and more
  • Create proactive marketing campaigns utilizing industry- and competitor-proven strategies
  • Craft reactive campaigns offering more appealing competitive offers

  • With new and enhanced functionalities introduced in the latest release of its competitive intelligence tool, Yesmail Interactive offers a growing opportunity for marketers to outperform their competition across all major digital channels.

    Click here to download the report.

    Free Webinar on Consumer Online Behavior

    Wed., Nov. 14, 2012
    11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (PST)
    University of California, Irvine Extension
    Yesmail Interactive

    Matt Gault, Vice President of Channel Strategy at Yesmail Interactive, a leading provider of email marketing solutions, will discuss how to bridge the gap between the way consumers want to be marketed to in the digital space and the way brands actually market to them. Matt will illustrate the importance of digital data and its strategic implications on multi-channel digital campaigns using insights from a group of 20 leading retailers. The webinar will highlight some major trends ranging from preferred time and day of deployment to most successful formats and most engaging campaign topics. Based on insights shared in this presentation, marketers will be able to gain a better understanding of the evolving consumer and take clearly defined steps to cater to consumer preferences.

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    2012 IMA Conference Showcases Top Experts

    Presentations Available for Download

    The 2012 Internet Marketing Association Conference in Las Vegas was a smashing success. From main-stage speakers, breakout sessions and Impact Awards celebration to the exhibitor showcase and first-class evening entertainment, we’ve received very positive comments. In addition, IMA announced its own certification, the Certified Internet Marketer (CIM) professional certification program, at the event.

    As one attendee put it, “From the initial keynotes to the individual content sessions, we were drinking from a fire hose of marketing goodness. Any digital marketer interested in staying abreast of the latest and greatest should consider membership in IMA and attendance at next year’s conference.”

    Here’s a quick look at just a few of the highlights of this landmark gathering:

    Ann Lewnes, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Adobe, addressed “From Myths to Metrics: The Truth About Digital Marketing” in an entertaining presentation that included a mock Photoshop commercial called “Fotoshop by Adobe” created by an Adobe fan as an example of a user community helping to awareness.

    James Maiocco, Director of Global Partners, Microsoft, offered a keynote titled “Don’t Look Back: Unlock Your Data to Predict Customer Engagement Opportunities” that focused on using predictive data to influence future outcomes.

    Brett Keirstead, Vice President of Sales, Knowledge Marketing, struck a similar vein with a cautionary example of how Target used customer data to provide relevant offers to a pregnant lady, who turned out to be a teenage girl whose parents were unaware of her pregnancy.

    Jason Warnock, Vice President of Market Intelligence & Measurement, Yesmail, gave a very engaging talk on “Email Deliverability: The What, Why & How” covering everything from pre-flight testing and toxic URLs to blacklisting and mail streams.

    Michael Fern, CEO & Co-founder, Intigi, spoke about “Accelerating Your Content Marketing and Boosting Your Search Rankings” with an emphasis on how content and social media affect search engine rankings as well as best practices for a sustainable content marketing strategy that boosts search rankings and website traffic.

    Frederick Vallaeys, a 10-year Google veteran who served as Adwords Evangelist, spoke about the details of Google’s advertising platform and Quality Score in a truly fascinating presentation, along with his vision for providing simple tools for small businesses.

    Kathleen Connolly, VP, UBM Studios, addressed “How to Choose the Right Interactive Digital Environments to Meet Your Business Objective” and how online events can offer a significant alternative or complement to traditional physical events.

    Andy Levey, Senior Manager of New Media and Analytics, Resident Shows Division, Cirque du Soleil, gave a very compelling presentation on identifying local audiences with similar attributes to Cirque du Soleil fans and then targeting them via Facebook.

    Mark Stark, CEO, Americana Group, presented how a $500 in-house studio allowed him to produce weekly sales coaching videos for his team for viewing on a weekly basis regardless of where they are located and when they have time to tune in.

    Click here to download and view many of the fantastic 2012 IMA Conference presentations.