Stapleton Sets New Record

Record Fundraising and Endorsements from Newport Beach Public Safety

Joe Stapleton’s campaign for City Council announced that $240,000 has been raised to date from nearly 500 donors, officially setting Newport Beach’s all-time fundraising record and surpassing Councilman Duffield’s 2014 mark of $217,431.

With six months to go until the November election day, setting the fundraising record is just the latest major announcement from the Stapleton campaign.  The campaign also recently announced support from both the Newport Beach Police Officers’ Association and Newport Beach Firefighters’ Association.

“I want to make sure my message of keeping Newport, Newport is heard everywhere,” said Stapleton. “I am so grateful for each and every person who has supported my campaign to help me reach this milestone.”

“Joe Stapleton deserves every bit of credit. I knew it was going to happen eventually, but I can’t believe he smashed it before Summer,” commented Councilman “Duffy” Duffield. “Joe is one of the hardest working candidates I have ever seen.  He’s showing that Newport Beach really stands together for the right candidate.”

Named “Newport Beach Citizen of the Year” in 2020, Joe Stapleton served on the Newport Beach Harbor Commission from 2013-2017 and has served on the Newport Beach Finance Committee since 2017.  In addition to serving on over a dozen local charitable boards, Joe also helped revitalize and now leads the Newport Beach Foundation.  As a Wealth Manager for the past 15 years, Stapleton co-founded Spinnaker Investment Group in 2016 and serves as the company’s President.   He lives in West Newport and his Candidacy is for District 1.

Empyream Temple at Burning Man

It’s been a long three years since we last came together. We’ve lost loved ones, relationships, jobs, and community. Many of us have been isolated from the people and places and activities that make us feel alive and whole. We may have learned important lessons. We may be on the precipice of change for the better. And yet, there is still the grief for lives and a way of life lost. Grief for a world that feels chaotic. Grief for the suffering we continue to inflict on each other and on our earth. So we co-create the Temple this year as a place to come together. To hold ourselves in grief and loss, in hope and love.

We co-create this Temple as a symbol of our belonging, to each other and to this earth.

This will be the 20th incarnation of the Temple. It has become a treasured civic component of Black Rock City and our communities around the world. The Temple provides a safe place for all to embrace and let go of the trauma, loss, and pain that is an inevitable part of our human existence. Every person contributes their own meaning to the Temple.

All are welcome to participate, bring offerings, celebrate, create unions, offer mementos of loved ones, write messages, cry, and meditate. On the final day of Burning Man, the Temple is burned; a symbolic gesture to bring closure and healing.

We believe that the Temple has had and will continue to have a profound impact on the community of people that it serves, and we are honored to work on a project that has this effect. We build the Temple for all, particularly those who can’t… and it can’t be built without your help.


Burning Man Project grants us about 25% of the cost to build the Temple. The rest must be raised from generous donors like you.

In early 2020, many of you supported our first crowdfunding campaign. To raise the rest of our funds we planned on launching another campaign later that spring. As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic began shortly thereafter, and we had to put our fundraising plans on hold. Now that we’re gathering again for Burning Man, we have a short amount of time to raise the rest of the funds so that we can bring Empyrean to Black Rock City this summer.

After 3 years of planning, we are well-positioned to build a spectacular and meaningful Temple for the reuniting of our community on-playa. How much of the project that is ultimately built, and how many get to participate, is dependent on funding. To date, we have secured a grant from Burning Man, and received funds from our first Kickstarter campaign. We still need to raise a considerable sum to bring the Temple to life in Black Rock City. Temple expenses include: construction materials, off-playa build site rental, tools, heavy equipment rental, transportation, and caring for and feeding ~80 volunteers on-playa for ~30 days.

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Ware Malcomb completes construction on FreezPak cold storage facility in Elizabeth

By Linda Lindner (Elizabeth). Originally posted in ROI NJ

An industry leader in cold building projects, Ware Malcomb on Tuesday said it completed the construction on Carteret-based FreezPak’s newest third-party logistics cold storage public refrigerated warehouse in Elizabeth — FreezPak’s fifth New Jersey location.

Ware Malcomb provided architectural and interior design services for the project, which recently won NAIOP New Jersey’s prestigious “Deal of the Year” award for industrial projects. Industrial Building Group was the general contractor and Elberon Development was the developer for the project.

Located at 1029 Newark Ave., the 140,000-square-foot building includes an ammonia-CO2 cascade central plant refrigeration system and 18 docks that allow for 30,000 pallet positions. The facility includes a 66-foot-high clear freezer and is equipped with an Automated Search and Retrieval System and a Very Narrow Aisle racking system, as well as an 80-foot-high clear span cold dock.

In lieu of traditional battery charging, the material handling equipment is supplied with a hydrogen fueling system. To prevent idling while running refrigerated trucks, all dock positions and trailer parking stalls have plug-ins, and trailer parking is available both on site and across the street. The project was designed as solar ready, with solar installation planned for post-construction.

“With this new facility, the warehouse industry expands outside of the port area, and we had the opportunity to revitalize a strategically located industrial site,” said Edward Mayer II, principal, architecture, for Ware Malcomb. “We were proud to partner with FreezPak, Elberon Development, Industrial Building Group and the whole team to bring this project to fruition.”

The site is located between two jurisdictions — Newark and Elizabeth — and required close coordination between both municipalities. This facility is expected to create new jobs and opportunities for local residents, help meet distribution demand, and attract other industries and development.

Ware Malcomb is currently providing architectural design services on multiple FreezPak projects, including another New Jersey location in Woodbridge and a Miami facility.

YouAttest collaborates with JumpCloud to give users access reviews for identity governance

YouAttest announced their product integration with JumpCloud – an open directory platform that gives IT, security operations, and DevOps secure, frictionless access to control and manage employee identities, their devices, and apply Zero Trust principles.

JumpCloud together with YouAttest provides customers a cost effective and easy to implement open directory platform coupled with an Identity Governance solution. YouAttest’s cloud-based identity governance provides a review and attestation process of all privileges – especially the group privileges that are the foundation of roles and trust for a zero trust architecture.

Key security recommendations such as the NIST 800-53 CyberSecurity Framework spell out that enterprises must review their identity and access privileges on a regular basis. Regulatory guidelines follow these NIST best practices and specifically requires the user access reviews that YouAttest perform for JumpCloud clients. These compliance frameworks include: HIPAA/HITRUST (Health Care), PCI-DSS (Retail), SOC2 (Cloud), ISO 27001 (Int’l), SOX (Public), CMMC (D.O.D. contractors), etc.

YouAttest provides a straightforward solution to meet these requirements. The YouAttest product is designed for ease-of-use by risk managers and the business-line managers conducting the reviews. The entire review, certify, revoke and report access process is conducted through the YouAttest console – with no assistance needed from IT or other technical support services. YouAttest is now directly integrated with JumpCloud to facilitate this crucial security and compliance process – eliminating cost, complexity and error.

JumpCloud is the innovator in centralized cloud-based identity for application, resource and device control. The JumpCloud solution allows users to manage any device, application or infrastructure using its streamlined management solution. JumpCloud currently has over 180,000 customers relying on their platform including reputable brands such as The Washington Post, E*Trade and Cabify.

“Our partnership with JumpCloud comes at an ideal time when we are seeing a shift in the Identity Management ecosystem. JumpCloud’s open directory platform has an incredible unified device management solution that will greatly benefit from the YouAttest cloud certification process that we provide,” said Garret Grajek, CEO and Founder of YouAttest. “While YouAttest will continue to expand on functionality and messaging around the JumpCloud’s open directory platform, we are also anticipating working on advanced concepts such as automated identity triggers and identity attestation as it relates to the Zero Trust architecture.”

Building Industry of Southern California Hosts Successful Economic Forecast and Housing Strategy Summit

The Building Industry Association of Southern California (BIASC) and their Los Angeles/Ventura (LA/V) Chapter hosted the Economic Forecast & Housing Strategy Summit at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif. on April 25th. The event was co-hosted by Southern California Leadership Council (SCLC) and had over 200 registered attendees.

The event took place from 3pm – 8pm consisting of a library tour, all-regions board meeting, VIP Reception and concluded with a special guests panel featuring local elected representatives. In attendance were BIASC leadership and Chapter Presidents, along with Southern California’s top builders and landowners.

Former California Governor Pete Wilson, the 36th Governor of California,  recorded a message for the audience stating Sacramento must reduce the regulatory burdens homebuilders face in order to reverse the state’s declining homeownership rates. “Ten years ago, 50% of Californians could afford a medium priced home, but now it’s less than half that, and each time the home affordability statistic drops another point, another swath of our population loses its hold on the American dream of ownership,” he said. “That is a tragedy, because it also means that all the economic and social benefits that come with home ownership have been lost for them.“

Wilson declared the declining affordability can be reversed by removing regulatory and litigation roadblocks and by finding new financing vehicles to replace redevelopment agencies. “The solution to the housing crisis can be summarized in two words: more production. It won’t be easy, but I sense that the tide is starting to turn, that the pendulum is starting to swing back in our direction,” he said.

Guests heard opening remarks from Los Angeles Supervisor Fifth District Kathryn Barger. The moderator of the event was Bill McReynolds, BIA LA/V Chapter President and Vice President of Land Acquisitions at Warmington Residential. Former Governor Gray Davis, the 37th Governor of California and Co-Chair of SCLC, was a highlighted speaker at the event on Wednesday. Christopher Thornberg, founder of Beacon Economics, provided insight into the 2022 building economic forecast and beyond. 

“I was delighted to attend BIASC’s Economic Forecast to discuss California’s building successes, deficits and predictions for the future,” said Bill McReynolds. “California’s housing strategies are ever-changing and we have so many talented individuals behind the curtain who are contributing to the growth of this state. 2022 is when we need to pull back the curtain on overbearing regulations in order to set our path straight.”

The Land and Development Panel included:

  • Greg Bielli, President and CEO, Tejon Ranch
  • Mike Balsamo, Senior Vice President, Governmental Relations, Rancho Mission Viejo
  • Randall Lewis, Senior EVP of Marketing, Lewis Group of Companies
  • Nicole Murray, Division President, Shea Holmes
  • Greg McWilliams, Chief Policy Officer and VP, Fivepoint

The Land and Development Panel set the tone for the evening by expressing the need for predictability to exist in order for land purchasing and building to continue successfully. The regulatory agencies need to be stopped from promulgating more rules and hurdles to get over to get away from the massive economic transformation forcing gentrification. All hands on deck are needed in order to get neighborhoods and quality of life back on track.

“Our Economic Forecast & Housing Strategy Summit provides invaluable information for our members and elected officials to better engage on housing solutions,” said BIASC CEO Jeff Montejano. “The growing large number of attendees for these leadership summit’s are outstanding and a clear indication about the growing need for better regional housing policies.”

HealthCues CEO Doug Frederick Awarded H2H Enrollments Partner of the Year Award

HealthCues, a preventative healthcare platform helping employers and employees bridge the gap between preventative health care and positive financial impact, is pleased to share Chief Executive Officer, Doug Frederick has been awarded the H2H Enrollments Partner of the Year Award.

Doug Frederick, CEO of HealthCues has been recognized and is the award winner for the H2H Enrollments Highest Grossing New Revenue in 2021. This is his first year as a partner with H2H Enrollments and his accomplishments within such a short time is quite an achievement. Frederick unseated a Fortune 100 firm who consecutively received the award for the previous four years.

H2H Enrollments is a full-service management solutions platform offering simplified benefits, payroll, human resources and company compliance. Each year H2H Enrollments has the honor of supporting brokers, carriers, employers, and unique service vendors nationwide. H2H broker partners are responsible for over 60% of new revenue annually and are committed to properly appreciating and recognizing the highest achievers from multiple categories and divisions within the H2H firm.

H2H and HealthCues enrollment team have partnered to develop, execute and maintain the overall enrollment process. This ensures accurate and timely dissemination of information to employees and their employers. They help organize and process valuable information for the HealthCues team and valued benefit partners to ensure a successful enrollment process. H2H also supports the enrollment process long after the initial enrollment to enhance customer satisfaction.

“We are very proud of Doug and the HealthCues team and are honored to highlight their recent achievement as we look forward to a long and successful partnership,” said Angela Rogers-Hesch, Chief Executive Officer of H2H Enrollments, “HealthCues together with Doug is off to an impressive start and it is a fantastic indication of what is to come.”

“I am thrilled to have received this recognition,” says Doug Frederick, Chief Executive Officer of HealthCues. “Through our partnerships HealthCues will continue to break the mold, reduce stress for clients, provide better support and make everyone’s job easier by empowerment through accessible resources. I look forward to continuing to raise the bar.”

The HealthCues program was introduced four years ago with industry leading insurance carriers, top notch risk assessment and underwriters, and best in class third party administrators with the intent to inspire employers financially sound options for health preventative programs and resources. The HealthCues program services include whole family telehealth services, biometric screening, lower overall deductibles and in-health coaching ranging from weight loss, diabetes management and prevention services. Companies save an average or $600 per employee a year by adopting supplementary benefits provided by HealthCues.

For more information on HealthCues please visit or email

Spinnaker Tax Group Expands, Names Theo McNair as Tax Consultant

Spinnaker Tax Group, a tax preparation and consulting subsidiary of Spinnaker Investment Group, has expanded its professional staff, naming Theo McNair as an accounting and tax consultant. According to Spinnaker Tax Group President Jessica Estrada, the tax firm is experiencing significant business growth.

“We are pleased to welcome Theo to the business in response to overwhelming reception from our clients,” Estrada said. “As we expand we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of personalized service at Spinnaker Tax Group.”

McNair graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration emphasis in accounting. Before returning to college, he spent thirteen years in the retail industry in sales training and management. While working with Spinnaker Tax Group, he is concurrently pursuing his Certified Public Accounting license.

Spinnaker Tax Group provides value-added services to Spinnaker Investment Group clients and other individuals and businesses, said Morgan Christen, co-founder and CEO/CIO. The firm is an extension of Spinnaker Investment Group’s vision of offering a suite of capabilities like that of a larger financial institution, within the context of a boutique organization with an elevated personalized client service model. Spinnaker Tax Group Expert is focused on individual and business tax planning, consulting and tax return preparation.

“We work with our clients’ financial advisors to ensure their tax strategy is in lockstep with an overall plan and objectives, not unlike having a full-time CFO and Big-3 team on your side,” Estrada said. “Because we stay current on the latest tax law changes, we can help businesses in a variety of industries including real estate, high tech, retail, manufacturing and medical.”

For more information, visit Spinnaker Tax Group‘s website:, and Jessica can be reached at 949-396-6700 or by contacting

Channel Bakers’ Reports 187% Growth in Three-Year Revenue, Expands Global Resources – $175M in ad spend

Global retail media agency Channel Bakers has grown its revenue by 187% between 2019 and 2021, according to its CEO and Founder, Josh Kreitzer. The agency managed over $175 Million in advertising budget worldwide in that period.

At the same time, the agency has amassed a number of awards based on business metrics as well as company culture, including listing on Inc. Magazines fastest growing US companies, multiple Stevie Awards for advertising excellence and entrepreneurship, Top Workplace honors from the OC Register, and even congressional recognition.

Channel Bakers offers “one-stop shop” services for eCommerce, advertising, branded story-telling and analytics to drive incremental growth for brands both large and small on Amazon and other online retailers such as Walmart, Target and Tesco.

Kreitzer explains that his agency took inspiration from Amazon itself in going beyond the realm of typical advertising agencies that tend to specialize online advertising or creative, seeking to address common retailer pain points such as inventory management and promotional calendar development.  “Channel Bakers can now provide complete go-to-market strategies for our clients’ products, using data-driven insights to optimize retail channels, inventory and programmatic advertising management, as well as produce gold-standard creative assets to tell their story and separate products from the pack,” he said.

While its enormous success tracks closely with the growth of the eCommerce industry during the three-year period, the agency made key strategic investments critical to its accelerated expansion. Establishing its UK/European office enabled the agency to stage its teams across the globe to provide customers 24/7 service and attention, complementing its existing bases in the US West and East coasts as well as Asia.

In light of soaring demand for video content for advertising on streaming platforms as well as in paid search, Channel Bakers has built its own video studio from the ground up in Southern California. Studio A has a dedicated photography and video team producing everything from unboxing videos to the highest quality brand films.

Channel Bakers has also established technology-based partnerships to provide its clients a broader range of insights and data to facilitate marketing and inventory management on any retail media platform.  The agency offers a seamless dashboard for its teams and clients to interface with eCommerce sites by Walmart, Target, Best Buy and others, which have invested billions in their sites in an effort to attract more online shoppers.

Another significant investment for Channel Bakers has been in recruitment and culture development, building a team of retail professionals with experience in key growth industries.  The agency’s head count grew from 70 in 2019 to more than 250 in 2021, and its teams built custom solutions for brands around the world to develop a stronger online presence to drive eCommerce growth and make up for lost revenue during a slowing of brick-and-mortar sales during the pandemic.

Founded in 2015, Channel Bakers, today is a full-service, global agency with offices on four continents. The agency was founded upon a core tenet to help innovative brands find the right audience at the right time and tell their story to drive sales. The agency utilizes its decades of experience leveraging data and analytics to grow revenue within specific online retailers and verticals.  With this strategy Channel Bakers has leveraged its initial success as a fully accredited and certified Amazon advertising partner, to become a true omnichannel eCommerce retail media and marketing consultancy.  Visit for more information and view its case studies.

New Warehouse Management System Features to Improve Your Distribution Operations

By Tompkins Solutions

Ongoing labor shortages, capacity constraints, increasing customer expectations, and changing order profiles and volumes have created additional challenges for distribution operations over the last year. As a result, warehouse management system (WMS) providers have been charged with developing new solutions to combat growing supply chain disruptions and complexities. Below are a few new features and capabilities WMS vendors are offering to help distribution operations address these challenges:

Warehouse Execution Systems (WES)

While traditionally offered by material handling automation providers, more WMS vendors are now incorporating WES capabilities within their solutions. Operating between the WMS and warehouse control systems, WES applications help optimize and facilitate order processing and material flow across an automated distribution center.

Labor Planning

Unlike labor management systems (LMS) that track individual employee performance against defined standards, labor planning solutions enable distribution operations to plan labor requirements against workload over time and redirect resources where they are needed the most.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

While traditional WMS solutions typically require human interaction to monitor and manage work, some vendors are now offering AI and ML capabilities that can sense and adapt to changes on the warehouse floor and support autonomous operations with features like waveless order processing and continuous task and allocation optimization.

Automated Material Handling Systems

Some WMS providers are now offering automated material handling systems including autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), smart pick carts and pick-to-light and put-to-light solutions.

Contact us today or check out our other resources to learn how to select the best WMS solution for your unique operations.

iTrustCapital Expands Product and Asset Offerings

Founded by leaders in the alternative investment IRA industry, iTrustCapital is a leading digital asset IRA software platform that allows clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and physical metals in real-time through their self-directed retirement accounts.

Founded in 2018 by Todd Southwick and Blake Skadron, iTrustCapital seeks to empower, educate, and innovate with the tools it provides, while it validates each individual investor by supporting them with a top-tier client experience. iTrustCapital was voted the Best Crypto Investment Platform of 2021 1 by the IMA Impact 2021 Awards, and most recently was voted 2022 Best Crypto IRA Investment Platform in the U.S by Wealth and Finance.

The software platform received a $125 million USD investment after a successful Series A round led by Left Lane Capital this past winter, and surpassed $5 billion in total transaction volume in spring of 2022.

The organization is pleased to have recently announced the rollout of Conditional Transactions as its latest feature on the iTrustCapital platform. Conditional Transactions allow clients to automate their buying and selling using price parameters, a function clients have been eager to get their hands on. Additionally, iTrustCapital continues to expand its offerings. The latest addition is The Graph (GRT). The Graph is the 29th cryptocurrency available on the software platform, with more likely to follow in the coming year.

The new feature and asset offerings are examples of the continued growth and development displayed by the iTrustCapital software platform. These additions come on the heels of a very successful showing for the organization at this year’s Bitcoin Conference in Miami, FL, where iTrustCapital participated as a major sponsor.