CEO Stuart McClure’s Mind-Blowing AI Strategy Against Network Threats at IMPACT 23!

Stuart McClure, CEO of Qwiet AI, will share insights on the groundbreaking use of AI and Machine Learning in network threat detection and response at IMPACT 23.

Qwiet AI is in a relentless pursuit to identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities in software code before they ever reach production. Their approach is powered by AI and ML, and it stands unrivaled in the cybersecurity landscape.

In an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving, they have made it a mission to tackle the “unknown unknowns.” Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and a team of top-tier cyber defenders, they are breaking new ground in protecting digital assets.

Stuart is also the CEO of NumberOne AI, based in Newport Beach, CA, which stands as a pioneering entity in Orange County, employing a comprehensive and automated AI/ML platform to address the complexities of initiating and propelling new business ventures.

Join us at IMPACT 23 and discover how Qwiet AI is leading the charge in fortifying your digital defenses. Together, we’ll embrace the future of cybersecurity, one AI-powered solution at a time.

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Unveiling Newport Beach and Company’s Sponsorship at IMPACT 23 – Get Ready for Something Extraordinary!

We are pleased to share that Newport Beach and Company, a pioneering force in destination marketing, will be a sponsor at IMPACT 23. This collaboration signifies an important step forward in reshaping the future of Destination Marketing Organizations.

Newport Beach and Company is redefining destination marketing by introducing a self-sustaining business model. This innovative approach leverages cost efficiencies, brand-building benefits, and strategic advantages to promote Newport Beach on a global scale across various platforms.

Newport Beach is a world-class city known for its coastal beauty, vibrant culture, and exceptional experiences. With Newport Beach and Company’s support, the city is poised to enhance its global presence.

We are honored to have Gary Sherwin, President and CEO of Newport Beach and Company, attending IMPACT 23. Mr. Sherwin will share insights into their pioneering approach to integrated community marketing and brand leadership.

Unlock Your Wealth Potential with Chris Robertson, the Financial Marvel of Peak Financial Group!

At IMPACT 23, Chris will be sharing his insights on reinventing the family office experience. With over 30 years of experience, Peak Financial Group has been the go-to partner for affluent executives, business owners, and their families, guiding them through intricate financial landscapes.

Chris is a true visionary in the finance world, dedicated to addressing the distinctive, complex, and multifaceted financial needs of his clients. His expertise shines through as he paves the way for a new era of family office dynamics.

Join us at IMPACT 23 as we delve into the future of financial planning and discover how Chris and Peak Financial Group are revolutionizing the way we approach wealth management.

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The Most Exciting Event of 2023: IMPACT 23 – “Where AI Meets the Ocean”!🌊

I am thrilled to invite all my relationships to the most anticipated event of the year, IMPACT 23. This is going to be an extraordinary gathering, and I want each and every one of you to be part of it!

IMPACT 23 is not just an event; it’s an immersive experience like no other. We are proud to have the support of incredible partners including the City of Newport Beach, NVIDIA, Google, Octane, and over 100 other organizations who are all coming together to make waves in the world.

Here’s a sneak peek of what awaits you:
🍸 A Glamorous Cocktail Party hosted by The Hwood Group
🍽️ Gourmet Chairman’s Dinner in All Neutral Attire
🎤 A Full Day of Inspiring Keynotes, Panels, and 1-on-1 Meetings
🏓 An Epic Pickleball Tournament
🎉 A Memorable Cocktail Party at Palmer Luckey’s Waterfront Lido Estate
🦞 A Sumptuous Lobster Fest Dinner at Craig Atkin’s Harbor Estate, featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover Band!
⛵ A Grand Yacht Cruise from Lido Village to Emerald Bay

IMPACT 23 is set to redefine the boundaries of what an event can be. It’s a convergence of cutting-edge AI technology and the boundless beauty of the ocean. You won’t want to miss it.

Let’s make IMPACT 23 a resounding success together! Mark your calendars for October 18th-20th and secure your spot now. See you at IMPACT 23!

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Will Tober offers IMPACT 23 attendees the secret path to commercial real estate returns

Hughes Marino, a leading global corporate real estate advisory firm, exclusively represents business owners and corporate real estate decision makers. As a seasoned expert, Will is the driving force behind developing real estate strategies that empower businesses to achieve their objectives. Whether it’s renewing leases, relocating, expanding, contracting, or purchasing commercial property, Will’s expertise guides business leaders through complex decisions with confidence.

Drawing upon his extensive market knowledge, Will crafts strategies that yield leverage, opportunities, and results. By aligning real estate goals seamlessly with business plans, he ensures the delivery of the most strategically precise, cost-effective, and risk-reducing project outcomes.

At IMPACT 23, Will will be sharing invaluable insights on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of commercial real estate opportunities. This is a chance to learn from one of the industry’s finest minds and gain a competitive edge in real estate ventures.

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Sue Grant takes on the literacy deficiencies happening across our country – IMPACT 23

The Literacy Project (TLP) is a remarkable initiative dedicated to eradicating the barrier of illiteracy from the lives of the most vulnerable children. Through the incredible efforts of teachers, volunteers, mentors, and role models, TLP is transforming the educational landscape and providing a pathway to brighter futures.

The mission of The Literacy Project is clear: empower children with the tools they need to break free from the cycle of illiteracy and become self-sufficient, productive, and invaluable contributors to our society. By nurturing a love for learning and fostering essential skills, TLP is paving the way for a generation of confident, knowledgeable individuals.

Sue Grant will share her insights, experiences, and the inspiring journey of The Literacy Project. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from a visionary leader who is making a tangible difference in the lives of young learners.

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Mauricio Umansky Shakes Up Lido House with Unforgettable Insights on Conquering Adversity

Mauricio‘s journey is an inspiring testament to entrepreneurship through adversity. As the driving force behind The Agency RE, a billion-dollar brokerage, he has transformed the real estate landscape with an industry-disrupting model that blends cutting-edge technology and innovative marketing strategies. Since its inception in 2011, The Agency has not only redefined the real estate business but also cultivated a culture rooted in collaboration and shared success.

With nearly $5 billion in real estate sales under his belt, Mauricio’s achievements are nothing short of remarkable. His portfolio includes an impressive list of some of the world’s most iconic properties, from the Playboy Mansion to the Walt Disney Estate. He has even broken records by selling the most homes priced above $20 million and beyond.

Mauricio and The Agency’s reach extend to working with top developers and renowned resort brands such as One&Only, Rosewood, and The Ritz-Carlton. His dedication to excellence has earned him a spot on The Wall Street Journal’s REAL Trends annual list as one of the highest producing agents. Notably, he’s ranked number 69 on Swanepoel’s 2023 Power200, a prestigious roster of the most influential real estate executives in the U.S.

At IMPACT 23, Mauricio will share his insights on entrepreneurship, resilience, and innovation in the face of challenges.

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Avi Schiffmann to speak at IMPACT 23 – Embracing Tech to Uplift Crisis

Avi Schiffmann, Founder and President of, will be a featured speaker at IMPACT 23. His nonprofit organization develops web-based tools to respond to humanitarian emergencies such as wars, natural disasters, pandemics, and protests, empowering individuals and organizations on the ground.

Avi gained recognition for creating a popular COVID-19 information hub during high school, becoming a powerful force in providing real-time updates and data during crises. Despite his young age, Avi’s dedication to promoting access to information has touched the lives of millions worldwide. At IMPACT 23, he will share his transformative experiences, highlighting the potential of technology in addressing global challenges.

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Get ready to be enlightened by none other than Joshua Kreitzer, the visionary CEO of Channel Bakers, at IMPACT 23! Samsung, HP and over 500 retail facing brands rely on the paid media genius of Kreitzer’s team.

Are you eager to decode the dynamics of Social Commerce? Curious about how TikTok and Amazon are shaping the future of retail? Look no further – Josh will be your guide through this transformational journey.

As the CEO of Channel Bakers, Josh has pioneered innovative Advertising and Marketing strategies that are turning heads in the industry. With a focus on leveraging data-driven insights, Channel Bakers empowers brands to thrive in specific shopping channels, fostering growth and driving sales from start to finish.

Josh’s topic at IMPACT 23 will unravel the intricate threads of Social Commerce, unveiling how platforms like TikTok and Amazon are rewriting the rules of engagement for brands. His expertise will illuminate the path forward for anyone aiming to conquer the evolving landscape of e-commerce.

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IMPACT 23 Night One Rooftop Cocktail Party, brought to you by The Hwood Group!

The IMPACT 23 Night One cocktail party will have the privilege of being sponsored by The Hwood Group, a renowned Los Angeles-based hospitality and lifestyle marketing company. This prestigious event will take place at the exquisite Topside Bar at Lido House, Newport Beach’s only rooftop bar, offering a sophisticated atmosphere complemented by cocktails, appetizers, and stunning views that capture the essence of a true beach soirée.

The Hwood Group, co-founded by friends John Terzian and Brian Toll in 2008, is known for its impeccable portfolio of luxury nightlife and restaurant venues, such as Delilah, The Nice Guy, Bootsy Bellows, and Harriet’s. This partnership promises to add a touch of elegance and excellence to the IMPACT 23 event.

We are incredibly grateful to The Hwood Group for their support and for bringing their high-end concepts and dedication to our event.

The commencement of IMPACT 23 on the first night will serve as a pivotal moment, establishing the tone and paving the way for the exciting experiences yet to unfold throughout the event.

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