We Brought The IMPACT To You – The impactSHOW at Microsoft Stores

By Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman, Internet Marketing Association

One of the IMA’s most ambitious projects featured our impactSHOW debuted on Nov 14, in more than 80 Microsoft Stores across the United States. The IMA team of content, social media, design, advertising and video specialists transformed a highly successful IMPACT19 (held just weeks earlier at Las Vegas’ Waldorf Astoria) from a 12-hour conference into a 90-minute video program filled with insights and highlights from many of its inspirational keynote speakers.

Microsoft Stores’ spotlight on the IMA would amplify the reach of its annual conference and the participation our impactSHOW lineup, which included Jeff Kearl, CEO of Stance, Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR & Anduril Technologies and the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. IMA’s content would add value by providing Microsoft Stores with exclusive original programming to engage business customers in a unique experience at its retail locations. Some powerful insights included:

–   Cultivating a brand

–   The importance of optimizing systems based on an understanding of risk

–   The principles of building an effective organization

–   The power of leveraging social media in a large organization

–   The value of a competitive edge, and finally

–   The strength of sheer determination and courage to achieve your dreams.

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(Facebook newsfeed of impactSHOW attendees)

With just weeks before the event, our teams developed the necessary controls and structure to manage its implementation, complete with the core video presentation, online registration, marketing initiatives, and store framework for the program. The team’s efforts resulted in strong registration and attendance. One New York store alone had over 150 guests register!

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(A collection of Instagram posts from attendees from various Microsoft locations)

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All of our attendees will be receive – our multipage IMPACT Report, free one-year IMA membership, and access to IMA’s brand-new Lightspeed virtual training content. The team also developed a value-proposition for attendance that included not only the presenters’ content, but also an opportunity drawing for Microsoft’s new Surface Go. A secondary selection focused on photo/video reviews serviced through Indi, with the prize being a pair of BOSE Sunglasses!

(To the right, an Instagram post by @Navahberg, winner of BOSE drawing)

Thank you to our IMA team for their invaluable work for producing this event, and our Microsoft partners, especially Bryan Schmidt and Sandra Andrews, for connecting us to their stores and making an IMPACT to their audience.



impactSHOW 2019 Recap

By Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman, Internet Marketing Association 

Our latest conference, impactSHOW 2019, was a fantastic success! From content and performances, dining and gift bags, to exhibitors and networking opportunities, I’m proud to say this may have been our best IMPACT yet.

Here’s a general recap of key moments throughout the day. There are plenty to mention!

The morning featured breakfast in the dining hall, surrounded by exhibitor displays from Pepperdine, ViewSonic, UCI Biological Sciences, Caterina’s Club, Microsoft, Ntooitive Digital, Civic Financial Services and Salesforce. International Singer Maria Elena welcomed the audience to the main ballroom with various songs to uplift the morning.

The start of the event showcased an IMA Opening Video. Our new IMA Initiatives – such as the brand new IMA membership and IMA Virtual Training system – were showcased by Sean Conrad (IMA).

Following the opening remarks, the audience heard from several industry leaders including, Jeff Kearl (STANCE), Shawn Herrera and Charla Griffy-Brown (Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business, Jay Symonds (Amazon), Vikas Khorana (Ntooitive), Timothy Hogan (CONVYR), Jeanniey Mullen (DailyPay, Inc.), Perry Evoniuk (Evite), Jay Calvert and Bruno Serato (Caterina’s Club).

Our whole afternoon session was jam-packed with content from thought leaders from different sectors. Afternoon speakers included, Mike Matuz (FMA Agency), Marty O’Connor (MOCA), the Salesforce panel featured bright thought leaders in the company – Heidi Reinfeld, Rick Munoz, Adriana Sesana, Yi Leng Lee, and Adam Doti, Jesse Walker and Sean Conrad (EPIC Insurance), Victor Cho (Evite), Andy Fathollahi (The Kanvas Co.), Yaniv Kotler (Honest Globe Inc.) and Nick Kovacevich (Kushco Holdings Inc.), Magician Kevin Li, Rene Rodriguez (Volentum), Jedidiah Collins (Brighton Jones), Christi Olson (Microsoft), Neel Grover (Indi), Randy Hetrick (TRX), Scott Mencken (Move Inc.), Tariq Kursheed (CSI), Richard Lumsden (SOCi), (Sport Clips Haircuts), Brad Lea (LightSpeed VT), Kevin Maloney (International Executive Council), David Latona (Tompkins International), Kendra Rommel (Civic Financial Services), Kamin Samuel, Matt Nicosia (Vivakor Inc), Don Donovan & Erik Leist (Baker Street), Brandon Dawson (Cardone Ventures), Dr. Frank LaFerla (UCI BioSci), Live via satellite, Dr. Oz, Palmer Luckey (Anduril & Oculus VR), Ken Berrick (Seneca Family of Agencies) and Cody Kearns (iComeUp Marketing).

After a full day of thought leadership, we jumped into our Startup Pitch Challenge which featured judges – Carey Ransom (Accelerate O), Brandon Dawson (Cardone Ventures), Shawn Dougherty (EXOIO & Mophie) & Sean Burke (Channelstars) – who asked various questions on the development of the startups who presented:

• Elixicure – Eyal Kotler
• BubblePOP – Theresa Vuong
• Akhan Semiconductor – Adam Khan
• Slidetown – Danielle Daly, Eric Lundbohm

At the end of the decision round, Elixicure was chosen as the winning startup for impactSHOW19.

The 2019 IMPACT Awards honored 39 final recipients in various product and service categories, and all recipients joined in for a solid group photo. The impactSHOW attendees were then welcomed to a fantastic multi-course fine dining experience held at the NoMad Restaurant with entertainment by Maria Elena and Nick Mardon carrying the vibe throughout the night.

There’s still plenty to unpack from this event! You can find a more detailed account in our upcoming full impactSHOW19 report, to be released within the coming weeks.

Check out our photo gallery here

Thank you for making this an awesome experience!

IMA Leaders of Singapore Meet to Discuss AI, Machine Learning and All Things Digital

From Sinan Kanatsiz, Founder of the IMA

These past few days have been filled with great memories and impactful connections.

I met with our IMA leaders in Singapore, including Anndy Lian, Irman Mohamad and Fazil Musa (Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry – SMCCI).

These are some of the strongest regional leaders in Ai, Machine Learning, VR, blockchain and digital commerce. Among our deep-dive discussions, was ML for military and border security applications. Together with local enterprises and SMEs, we are growing IMA’s footprint in Asia with our IMA certified platform.

We now live and work in a 1-world economy. At the core of driving growth are relationships. I love the cultural diversity of our members, their backgrounds, deep and rich history and story-telling of the region, their families, the policies, it is really epic!

With hundreds of IMA members in this region, our objective is to continue supporting our like-minded colleagues with opportunities that will help drive their personal and professional growth.


Continuing the momentum of my Singapore trip will be IMA’s upcoming impactSHOW 2019 on September 29, which will feature various industry experts and global leaders, like Founder of Oculus VR Palmer Luckey and Co-Founder of STANCE Jeff Kearl.

You can learn more about impactSHOW at impact19.com

Hope to see you there!

Internet Marketing Association

IMPACT19 Amazon delivers innovation and access

In the midst of a recent snowstorm, the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) powered through the weather to experience an incredible tour of Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington. IMA brought together leaders from all around the world, such as the International Executive Council (IEC) and the Building Industry Association of Southern California (BIASC), to obtain insiders knowledge about upcoming technology and enhancements that will be introduced to change the way people work, operate and live their lives.

On top of receiving a first-hand look into the ‘world of Amazon’, we made sure to show our guests the best things Seattle has to offer; which included gourmet dinners, wine tastings, site seeing, and more.

We also gave our guests a private tour of the captivating ‘Amazon Spheres’. The Spheres are an area designated for “Amazonians” to work, collaborate and relax. The lush greens, bonsai trees and towering waterfalls really fired up our group and gave us bigger thinking as it relates to modern workplace environments.

Following the Spheres, there were a series of consecutive presentations by Amazon executives and a special guest appearance by NFL great, Jed Collins, on “How to consistently stay ahead and maintain a Day 1 philosophy”, Amazon Alexa – “How voice Ai is changing the world”, Amazon is so much more than retail “Studios, Music, Planes”, It’s all in the cloud “How AWS is the true backbone of the web”, “How consumers think and act in 2019 – Leveraging consumer Search trends to understand what consumers are really think”.

Next everyone was directed to download the ‘Amazon Go’ app, which allowed us to get a look at the retail store of the future. Amazon’s classified camera technology is what enables this store to function the way it does. You simply walk in; pick up your items and then walk out. EASY!

Lastly, we all made our way to Woodinville Wine Country for an incredible wine tasting experience followed by dinner and a live performance from a local known artist. The perfect way to end a 3-day IMPACT event.

Amazon serves on the board of directors for the Internet Marketing Association. If you’d like access to their executives or learn more about the business feel free to message me and I’ll help you.

Mary’s place is a non-profit benefactor of our efforts and please take a moment to learn more about this local charity in Seattle. The organization backed by Amazon, provides a safe, warm place to stay the night for moms, dads, and kids in need within local communities.

Thank you to the CMO’s and leaders from Under Armor, William Lyon Homes, Amazon, the NFL and University of Washington’s Bothell School of business for collaboration at IMPACT19.

Read original article here

IMPACT18 Recap & Official Report Release

Thank you to all who joined us at our Digital Marketing Recoded (DMR) by IMPACT18 Conference in Las Vegas. It was an awesome event and collaboration of the best-of-the-best – in a beautiful venue, the brand new Primrose Ballroom at ARIA.

I wanted to share our official 2018 IMPACT report with all of you. This is a culmination of the top-10 marketing initiatives that every organization should be concerned about in 2019. The content was woven together by 65 thought leaders from some of the top digital firms in the world. I hope you take the time to read through our report and take away some key items that will be beneficial to you and your organization.

Click + Download the Report »


Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA

*Part of November 2018 newsletter

IMPACT18 Holland by Nolet ends with a bang!

May 27, 2018- Netherlands, what an incredible country! Thank you so much for the 50+ leaders from all over the world that joined us in exploring The Hague and Amsterdam specifically the beautiful museums, canal tours and Nolet Spirits (Makers of Kettle One and Nolet Gin). A once in a life time experience, which was capped with announcements in Digital Marketing innovations and three new Botanical Lines of Ketel One Vodka.


Meeting with the 325 year old Nolet family, specifically Bob Nolet, the 11th generation, was a bonus. He gave us such a wonderful insider’s view on his family and the business. We were treated to a new documentary film about the Nolet Distilery which has won numerous film festival awards. We also learned about their marketing strategy, which is to roll out new product to the wine community instead of just the liquor community. A new and innovative marketing strategy that was implemented with the (3) new botanical spirits being distributed by Nolet, starting today. The demand has been so strong, the company is working overtime. The company’s proprietary supply chain is awe inspiring. We were treated to a first-hand view on how they can be the most efficient company in their industry.

Bill Eldien, CEO, was responsible for this strategy due to his experience in the industry and it is working beautifully. The Nolet family also decided that word of mouth would work better for their brand than direct, paid advertising. This means to take your time and not to rush – we are calling it “patience marketing”. After an informative day visiting the distillery and the IMPACT conference, we were treated to a wonderful evening at Bob Nolet’s dinner and cocktail venue “Bob’s Garage” – which has only been used a handful of times in the history of the company. 

Included in our experience was the IMPACT conference which brought innovative ideas on how we can use our different talents and skills to strengthen our own business models. Our guest speakers were Jason McDowall who spoke about opportunities in the Bahamas, John Cain who touched on marketing strategies such as the impact of quality of photographs and videos in real estate, Mike Moran who explained how cameras and film are continuing to focus towards mobile phones specifically making better quality on mobiles, Lee Constantine who touched on his company Publishizer which connects independent authors with publishers and readers, Mark Samuel who spoke about how to make corrective changes in your work place to always keep a healthy environment, Marco Scheele who reviewed a case study supporting Mark Samuel’s suggestions on a healthy work environment and Mark Maier who gave insight on finding yourself and leadership.


Below is a link to the photos from our trip! Please click on the link and take a look:



Our goal for this trip was to put together a cultural, culinary and business insight strategy experience which was delivered in spades. Next year’s IMPACT19 Bahamas will be taking place in Nassau with a 3-day, immersive experience on the tropical island destination.

IEC momentum hits a “casual” stride @ Wahoo’s Fish Taco – Carson Kropfl and Wing Lam featured VIPs++

Multigenerational success stories was the theme at our International Executive Council – IEC January Bash at Wahoo’s Fish Taco – South Coast Plaza last night!



Our special guest was 12-year old, Carson Kropfl (a fellow San Clementian), who appeared on this season’s opener of “Shark Tank” and locked Sir. Richard Branson for a $65,000 investment in his company, “Locker Board”. His company has since grown 300% and is also doing social good, by donating $1 from every board to ocean pollution related causes – we look forward to introducing him to Mark Zuckerberg and the IMA.



Following Carson, we had my good friend, Wing Lam, founder and CEO of Wahoo’s Fish Taco speak about challenges and successes of his healthy-first, fast-casual chain of over 60+ restaurants.


We also had Mat Ross of Hoag Healthcare talk about executive wellness and Chase Rief speak about his U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) app which will give you a head-start on the next big earthquake. All our members were given a free download of the app – if you are interested, email me and I’ll connect you to Chase for the download.

 27021866_10159880931830055_6546440871626687492_o (1)


100+ leaders throughout California converged upon our event tonight and many new relationships were formed!


The lessons learned from these entrepreneurs were powerful and life changing. Let’s keep going, building and changing the world!


Internet Marketing Association (IMA) Holiday Bash Brings Hospitality, Celebrity, Healthcare and Middle East Business Opportunities to One Stage

This week, the board of directors and global leadership of the IMA hosted a world-class event at the Montage Resort Beverly Hills, featuring celebrity Josh Flagg. In the “City of Stars” – IMA leaders from around the world converged, networked and shared thought leadership in what turned out to be a magical evening (we even had an Elf dressed DJ!).

Our distinguished facilitators, included:

– Paul Sposare, Montage and Pendry Resorts, topic: Hospitality trends and business growth

– Yves LeSuier, CEO of IMA.EDU, topic: IMA’s new EDU initiative

– Kevin Maloney, CEO of IEC (International Executive Council), topic: IEC’s growing footprint of 40 confirmed members, events, experience, networking: http://www.iecnetwork.org

Jeanniey Mullen, Chair of WLG (Women’s Leadership Group), topic: Gender Diversity and Growth of WLG to 100 members: www.imanetwork.org/wlg

Dean Frank LaFerla, UCI Ayala BioSci School, topic: Mind. Body. World.

Delano Roosevelt, SAUDI KINGDOM/REZA, topic: Middle East Business Opportunities

Hunter Fedden, Celebrity Agent, BRAVO, “Real Estate Wars OC”, topic: Orange County, CA Real Estate Forecast

Josh Flagg, Celebrity Agent, BRAVO, “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”, topic: Los Angeles, CA Real Estate Forecast, the $500,000,000 home in LA, ways you can improve the value of your home

Our next event will feature Wahoo’s Fish Taco founder and CEO Wing Lam in January 2018. Should you have interest in attending, please email Liz Mirand, IMA at emirand@ima.world


IMPACT17 Truly Rises Above the Noise – Conference Summary

IMPACT17 was a resounding success once again, showing why this conference is called the best marketing conference anywhere. Marketing professionals from around the globe descended on Las Vegas to interact and celebrate the state of digital marketing. This year, the event was hosted by Wynn/Encore and held at Enclave. Every year, IMPACT works with the best resorts and conference facilities to execute a top-notch conference.

The event kicked off with a session at the beautiful Intrigue nightclub at Wynn. In this setting anchored by a five-story waterfall, a series of presentations and fascinating perspectives were shared with conference attendees. Marcie Merriman, Executive Director for Ernst & Young, started the festivities with an overview of Gen Z, the newest and most interesting cohort of like-minded consumers. If we aren’t seeing this group already as a marketing target, we soon will.IMG_8812

Jason Neubauer, founder of The Santa Claus Affect, then discussed his company’s work with influencers to spur viral awareness. Once again, reaching Gen Z with content was his focus. Alex Grey of Skylight Global brought the focus back to the world of the IMA.

Claudio Ludovisi, Head of Strategy for Disney ABC Television Group, discussed making “fans” of every generation with specific content via television and shared several clips from ABC shows. He was followed by John Costello from Microsemi, who just wrote a book about his experiences with his father being part of the Chicago Outfit. John’s story was fascinating and scary at the same time.

Dr. Bruce Hensel, formerly with NBC-TV and now Chief Medical Officer of Cloudbreak, brought us up to date on his company. He also moderated a panel that included Ian Kalin, Chief Data Officer of eHealth, and Charlotte Doepker, VP of Marketing for Keenan. The evening’s program ended with a send-off from Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman of the IMA.IMG_0398

IMPACT’s second day started in fine fashion. The honor guard from Welcome Home Troops kicked off the full day’s activities, complete with bagpipes. Sue Rebar, Founder and President of Welcome Home Troops, showed an emotional video about the WHT Post 9-11 Memorial.

Andrea Ward, Chief Marketing Officer of Magento, gave an awesome keynote on using data and technology. She shared a case study of a customer that is using virtual reality to replicate the in-office eyeglasses purchase. Kevin Maloney was on stage next, covering the IMA International Execute Council, of which Kevin is CEO. He shared the vision for IEC and went over the benefits of the program that is gaining traction very quickly.IMG_0356

The “Rock Star CMO” panel was next, focusing on digital transformation. Moderated by Tim Moran, CEO of the CMO100 Network, the panel including Andrea Ward, CMO of Magento; Jeanniey Mullen, CMO of Mercer; David McKillips, SVP In-Park Services for Six Flags; and Akbar Jaffer, CMO of ZorroSign Inc. When you get this many high-powered CMOs together on one panel, ideas and creativity abound. And this panel did not disappoint!

The conference then turned to cybersecurity. Eric Lundbohm, IMA CMO Lead and cybersecurity CMO, discussed a set of concerns and tips for improving marketing department cybersecurity. He was followed by Peter Lopez, Cloud Solutions Architect for Microsoft, who went through various issues and concerns the digital movement has created. Perry Viscounty from Latham and Watkins, LLP then presented 10 tips important for digital marketers who work with influencers and particularly paid endorsers, a very on-point topic.IMG_0468

An excellent panel on MarTech focusing on “Global Customer Experience” followed. Bryan Rand from TransPerfect moderated the panel which included Michelle Frank, Senior Manager of Global E-Commerce for Harmon; Jeff Hassemer, Chief Strategy Officer for Alterian; and Michael Aburas, Integrated Media Director for MGM Resorts International. Panel participants shared their road to building out consumer experiences on a global basis. One of the common themes was “mass personalization” of the website experience by delivering content based on who the user is.

Cammie Croft from FWD.us shared the background and goals of that advocacy organization, with a focus on DACA and the coming changes to that law.

After an awesome lunch prepared by the Enclave staff, the group was treated to a stunning presentation from mentalist Kevin Viner. Most attendees left completely amazed by what they saw from Kevin.IMG_0755

The conference continued its momentum after lunch with Victor Cho, CEO of Evite, covering how his company has dealt with diversity in the workplace. He was followed by Hope Frank and Jeanniey Mullen from Mercer, sharing the results of programs they have executed including an internal marketing campaign for engaging the company’s 20,000 employees.

Jeanniey also moderated an impressive panel of women leaders that included Alma Derricks, CMO, El Rey Network; Lindsey Germono, President, Germono Advertising Company; Ruth Brajevich, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Ware Malcomb; Lindsey Carnett, CEO, Marketing Maven; Isabelle Bart, Marketing Communications Director, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses; and Mariam Ayoade, Product Team Lead, Digital Services, digitXplus. They shared myriad stories on the challenges and triumphs of being women executives in today’s world.IMG_1086

Alma Derricks shared a bit more of her story launching El Rey and showed a great video reel from the network. She was able to tie it all in to marketing and the impact of diverse ethnic groups on American culture.

Amazon is well-recognized as a highly innovative company, and Jay Symonds, Senior Account Executive, shared an overview of that innovation a day after Amazon introduced six new Echo devices. Jay then moderated a fascinating panel of innovators in data and analysis. Included on the panel were Perry Evoniuk, CTO, Evite; Tracy Morgan, Senior Director, Engineering & Data Science, nContext; Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst, Adobe; Ryan Miyaki, Founder, Comped Marketing; and Vitaly Pecharsky, Head of IT Operations, Slickdeals. This panel shared some very innovative and forward-looking accomplishments, largely using big data and machine learning techniques.

Yves Le Sieur, Senior Director, VDS, lead the group through the next section of IMPACT, setting the stage for a discussion on innovation in education. His panelists included Helen Norris, VP, CIO, Chapman University; David May, VP, Web & Digital Media, Chapman University; and Dr. Stephane Muller, Business Programs Department Director, University of California, Irvine. This esteemed panel discussed the leadership qualities needed to innovate, including how to avoid organizational silos and apply new technologies.

Justin Andresen, Head of Sales for Drips, shared his presentation titled “Conversations Matter.” His company has deeply looked at the conversations that happen throughout the marketing process and determined the differing forms and timing on which communication takes place. They seek to talk to users, not at them.

Aaron Hillegass, CEO, Big Nerd Ranch, moderated a panel on “Technologies and Modern Day Tools” with a look at the myriad of tools marketers can use to execute campaigns and get detailed feedback. The panel included Josh Decker, CEO, Tagboard; Susan Akbarpour, CEO, Mavatar; Adam Hua, VP Partnerships, CitizenNet; Thomas Bartke, Ecom Convert; and Tyler Holliday, Director of Marketing, Ytel. The tools discussed tended to be social media related, and the panel offered several case studies on the topic.

Johnathan McGowan, CEO of Takenote Global, shared his company’s experience competing at a past start-up battlefield at IMPACT. They won that competition, which helped them reach out and gather more advisors to help fuel growth.

His remarks were followed by this year’s edition of the IMA Startup and Pitch Challenge. Three companies competed for this honor: Hykso, dubbed the Pelton for boxing, showing a great video about their product; Blue Matador, a predictive analytics company focused on reducing downtime; and Bob’s Repair, a service that connects skilled contractors with customers in need of those skills. Each company shared its plans and products and answered questions from a panel of judges. When the judging was completed, the prize went to Blue Matador in the form of a $25,000 package of marketing and PR support.IMG_1376

IMPAQ CEO Mark Samuel was next, and he focused on “Rising Above the Noise – Transforming Your Organization and Yourself.” His State Transformation Process is an excellent model for understanding transformation from an organizational perspective. The capstone of the day’s speakers fell to Bill Eldien, CEO of Ketel One Vodka. Bob shared the fascinating story of Ketel One, and his presentation was followed by a vodka tasting session.

The conference ended with a gala celebration at the amazing XS Nightclub at Encore with recording artist, DJ and producer David Guetta. The celebration went far into the night, and what happened there must stay in Vegas. IMPACT17 was a great success, and we all look forward to next year!